What is now most of all helps the mistress of the house? The answer is simple: the refrigerator. Previously, this was purely a household appliance for storing foodstuffs. But as the recent growing focus on design kitchen area, fridge into a separate element of the interior, along with other kitchen equipment. He becomes the embodiment of comfort, of nepotism, the colorful personality of any home. extensive range of colors and diverse design allows selection of the model to taste even the most demanding customers. To know more about this subject visit incyte. Refrigerator in the house miraculously attracts all incoming: the guys are looking at it acquired mom goodies, anxiously examining his mom, thinking about tomorrow's dinner, dads drop to enjoy refreshments. Increasingly, our refrigerators in the kitchens decorated with a variety of magnets, children's drawings notes or reminders. In other words, this is the real center of attraction! The interesting design of refrigeration system – it's good, but the convenience is very important.

So now you can call refrigerators Side-by-Side, as they are another step towards improving usability. Each camera can have your refrigerator temperature. This function is useful when it comes to expensive delicacies. For example, treatment is best for Storage French cheeses, is not suitable for white fish. In addition, in a typical refrigerator odors often confused.

In side-by-Side storage organized more than competently. Fragrant goodies can be placed on private shelves, the smell does not penetrate into the main chamber and did not mingle inside the compartment. Because refrigerators are working around the clock, it consumes more electricity than any other technology in the household.