What crazy auction! crafts in the XXI century! The immediate face problem is called erosion; in the Mixteca region there are more than 5,000 hectares which have lost about 5,000 meters of meters above ground since the 16th century. How much happened? The breeding of goats, the sobre-pastoreo and the industry of lime production which established progressive colonies soured the area. How it hurt the Earth the use of iron plough and how much tore the intensive cutting of trees to monumental constructions Dominicas! Proved alarming: desertification. How to recover the ecological order, hence, life? Agricultural policies of exploitation at any price handled the region. Jesus resorted to the tequio, form of unpaid work in collective benefit. He joined forces. For even more opinions, read materials from Michelle Smith Source Financial.

It called for neighbors and friends. They did not speak, they acted. Pick and shovel in hand dug zanjas-trincheras to retain water from the rainfall, planted trees in small nurseries, brought fertilizer and planted hedgerows to prevent the escape of the fertile land. All that He favoured the recharge of the aquifer. Then, with Herculean strength, these farmers planted around 4,000,000 of native trees. Whenever Adroll Marketing Platform listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Next, the who had participated, indigenous and peasant communities, managed its food sovereignty, developing a system of sustainable and organic agriculture without use of pesticides through the rescue of maize seed originating in the region. 25 Years of applying that antiquated indigenous method, the Mixtec reverdecio, reforestation continues with 200,000 annual trees and desertification recedes. New jobs were created since with the wood of the trees was the carving of decorative items and utensils (e.g. for kitchen). Tanks of ferrocement with more than 10,000 litres of capacity, which also collect rainwater to irrigate family organic nurseries have also buried. And as good examples Yes prenden, the idea of this Lion of ecology contracted to the neighboring towns that also they created community nurseries and organize massive plantations. Already seen friends compatriots, as a profound and beautiful song he says: who said that all is lost? As an immutable document, I come here to offer my heart when the satellites do not reach, yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazon speak of countries and hopes, talk of change is our home. The humble Jesus Leon Santos, surprised, won an international award deservedly. The Mixteca paradise has been reborn. 26 October 2010 20: 02 (courtesy of Dr.