The customer enjoys: the installation service for Wolff Finnhauser now Wolff-Finnhaus customers within a radius of 50 kilometers of Nagai Services GmbH can take this Assembly service. The result: an appreciation of the Garden House, longer pleasure, longer warranty. The specialized construction makes it possible. Because in addition to the installation, craftsmen check ground and pitch, to protect the dream cottage through key measures that it remains long time stable and beautiful. The advantages: There is only one contact person for delivery and Assembly.

The mounting is done quickly. The new garden or second home for can be used within a very short time. But not only that, also considered the Nagai team mounting holistic project. Keep the joy of the new Wolff Finnhaus very long. From the Foundation to the roof the Nagai service offers a service which leaves nothing to be desired.

This includes the full package: not only the choice of the House is important, but also, where it is available. In many soils and windy locations, the danger is great that it is not optimally protected against the weather. Within a short time, it will no longer meet the demands of the Finnhaus customers. For this reason, a good foundation is a real appreciation in many soils. It protects from ground moisture and a rapid decay by penetrating dampness, which brings also mold and rot with the wooden planks. Depending on size and weight the craftsmen of the Nagai service team vote optimally the Foundation on the respective playhouses. Small garden and Geratehausern with low weight, they use the so-called plate Foundation. As the name suggests, it consists of a single concrete panels (walkway), which are laid on a bed of gravel. This prevents a sagging of the Garden House. A so-called base plate is used for larger objects, distribute the high burden on a relatively small capacity of reason. Thus it is not applicable selective exposure and the resulting ground pressure is less compared to other types of foundations. Under each Foundation, a gravel layer is applied so that a dry surface is ensured by this type of drainage. The House is built, once properly by the Nagai team it can be stained upon request in the favorite color. This makes it not only an individual eye-catcher, but offers additional protection. The roof also like to handle the skilled craftsmen. With the help of wind shields made of zinc or copper, the front panel of the roof ridge and the underlying wood is protected from invading moisture. The team professionally mounted roof gutters and downspouts from titanium zinc or copper for proper water drainage. Of course, a relocation of the bit to shingles is included in the service, to ensure a proper and safe roofing. Ordering and Assembly have a fixed price. For questions and for a no-obligation consultation the customer service of the Nagai Services GmbH is no.: 033056 -. 21271 available. Now the dream can be met finally by the retreat or the perfect Geratehauschen, without fear of rapid decay. Press Department: Nagai Services GmbH management public relations Mr Roberto Nagai Leipziger str 1 16548 Glienicke / Nordbahn phone: 033056 / 212 71 fax: 033056 / 21 838 email: Web: