This means that there is no need for space for a large number of jobs for locker rooms, showers, recreation, dining and more. In addition, hi-tech manufacturing, as a rule, very environmentally friendly. Modern machines are far from familiar to our conception of the enormous cast-iron machines, leaking oil and water, covered with metal shavings, terribly dirty, noisy and smoky. Also, modern production lines tailored to the needs of energy-saving society. It is not only economical consumption of electricity and fuel. It is also very gentle flow of raw materials with minimal waste production.

This kind of production is very "respected" to the country where it is hosted. Accordingly, the Company refers to the owners of such businesses are very respectful. Software business process management and production reduces errors, improves the time and cost makes the company more mobile and accurate. It is also the controlling state aid bodies, especially the tax. After all, traffic in the area of finance, production, personnel, fixed program, systematized, derive the corresponding results. In addition, saving a large number of paper (no longer required to sign many documents), which is important in the West. Sometimes the owners of such enterprises Policy throw reproach, that they reduce the number of operating personnel, thereby causing harm society.

Such debates show only left-wing of the openness of the country. No more. From the owners of production results in a number of arguments that shows the opposite. First, despite a decrease in operating personnel, the amount of royalties that the State has not diminished.