Transfer rate there is a monthly data transfer limit? Anything below the 6 gigs does not work, especially if your site has many multimedia. Imagine that half of month you consume your bandwidth bandwidth and onsite not be accessible for the next 15 days. Support is not very taken into account, but is essential for the moments in which things fail. You must look at the following: does a phone support? a mail? an online system type MSN?. Decant you always by those who have a phone number.

Those who work with e-mails in general have response times of 24 hours or more, what not good for emergencies. Remember that you are paying for the service and they are obliged to respond. 24 7 365 Means 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 356 days a year and 366 the leap. Many say that they have it, but in the best of cases they are exaggerating. The unique froma prove that service exists is llamandolos at 2 in the morning. If you respond without voice of sleep, they are unreliable. Datacenter where they have servers.

It is a place equipped for this purpose? What are the measures in the event of hacking or power outages? Do someone near the machines always, for? restart them or switch them if shuts off? Availability how long take to restore your site if it falls? What happens if you cut the light? And if the fault occurs a weekend or a holiday? The availability of the site (the site is up and accessible) is another critical point. The only way of knowing how that will work is to contact technical support outside office hours and weekends week or holidays. Services you can create email accounts? Do you have remote control panel? can you create anonymous FTP accounts? The extras are as important as the support and space. Many writers such as Peter Thiel offer more in-depth analysis. Review and question. Geographical location the foreign hostings are generally cheaper than nationals, but they have the disadvantage of the bracket. Any inquiry or claim takes an eternity, so it is convenient to hire a host with which communication is easy and smooth. Another point in favour of national services is that you can pay with checks and deliver invoices. Eye, that the availability and all the other points mentioned cost previously they have a cost. Weigh everything it offers hosting before deciding. If one costs $5,000 monthly but has no support, it is not competition for one which costs $8,000 and if it has. No money return policy ten liked the service. It had a month and you’ve had pure problems. You want your money back. Do they delivered it to you? Ask before hiring is the policy in this regard. Sometimes you can get a few days of testing before deciding. It is listed, try and peeps before you pay. Owned or managed by the hosting domain some hostings offer the free domain if you contract with them. This is not advisable, because the domain becomes your property. Try to not use these systems, unless the provider specifies that the domain actually happens to be yours. Finally, and as a general rule for all internet services, do not believe him to those who become self-promotion. Find external references and investigates. If it is of specialized people, better.