* Lotion stains from skin recipe homemade lotion carrot stains from skin lotion carrot stains from the skin can be one of the best ways to take away such pigmentation problems you have on your face. The power of the carrot for this type of situation will be ideal. A simple mask and that you can apply in any carrot lotion is one of the best tricks of facial beauty that you can incorporate in trying to remove stains from your skin.It is very simple to make and the ingredients are of those who never missing in your home. To see if you are motivated to prepare it and begin to use it often to take away the stains of the face. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of juice of carrot an egg preparation: firstly, you must beat the egg with two tablespoons of carrot juice, until everything is well integrated. Once the lotion is ready, apply it both on your face and neck, leaving to act for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then retire with water cold. Parsley: It has bleaching properties and is ideal for clear spots of the skin of any type.

(Crush a sprig of parsley and apply the juice with a piece of gauze over the freckles, spots produced by the Sun, etc.) View in the study of this plant its possible toxicity. Lemon:) Apply several times the juice of lemon over the stained area) Dandelion: especially suitable for removing freckles. (Crush some leaves and apply the juice on freckles.) Carrot: You can use externally to cure skin problems such as eczema, wounds, or sunburn. It is very useful to mitigate the destructive action of ultraviolet rays, reason by which forms part in the composition of many sunscreens. Applied in the form of mask on your face helps clean stains the skin to eliminate the epidermal cells and to favor its renewal.