1. It has a strong and healthy self-esteem. The success of a seller is intrinsically related to what he thinks of himself. Healthy self-esteem usually mean a person who will fight to achieve their goals. 2.

Is positive and optimistic. Positivism is closely linked with a good attitude. Being optimistic is related to what he believes can become and achieve. 3. Is aware of his “package.” Know that customers will make a first impression of him depending on his “outer packaging.” For it shows respect for their partners performing properly. Professional marketers keep in mind that THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION 4.

Is considered and behaves like a professional. You do not see sales as a temporary occupation, but the display as a profession, which will probably be the rest of his life. 5. He is an expert in your product. He knows that 50 percent of his success as a seller depends on how well they know what sells. 6. Constantly update and polish their techniques. Never improvise. He knows that the technical change, and is therefore concerned to remain as current as possible in their sales techniques. 7. It is strongly results oriented. Well understood that the process is key to achieving results, but always keeps in mind what it wants to achieve. 8. Manage a healthy ambition to win it. Has a healthy view of what represents money, and feel comfortable aiming to win more consistently. So put your own sales goals.