Everything that if thinks about the last times is to be able to change each time more the educational methods in favor of the children, of a form that not only favor they, but also the familiar ones, the professors, the institutions etc. The ideas to transform the education appear of increasing form, counting on the aid of diverse technological advances, but she is necessary more. The technology cannot evaluate the feelings, cannot feel and favor confidence, but only facilitate. In the pertaining to school organizations this transformation starts to exist as support to interact school and society. The psicopedagogia uses its tools of a senssvel form, ultilizando disgnostic as base to identify possible imperfections of the learning. Used as tool of the learning, it has great relevance in the area of management for to deal with a directed vision it to be. through the imaginary psicopedagogia a places the child as to be capable to produce elements that help social development consequentemente educational. Cited in the substance of Daniela Almeida the writer Juan Delval (2010) it uses a phrase that says: ‘ ‘ aprende’ is essential to know as the pupil; ‘.

In an institution ahead of the necessities, many times very pass vacant to look for to know as the pupil learns. Most of the time they follow the same methods, and as he says the author very says itself in ‘ ‘ to raise the previous knowledge of aluno’ ‘ , but little he knows yourself really on the ways of the infantile thought. A starting point zero does not exist to teach or to learn. All we possess a knowledge, beyond individually elaborated and established representations and models, to understand the world. For sharing of this vision, the Spanish author Juan Delval centered its work in the research on the development of the scientific thought and in the survey of what the children find on social matters.