– New rolls for the educators: It did not think that the professor or the educator must have a rigid control envelope which learns the boy. Like Piaget, Vigotsky considered the activity on the part of the boy like power station facing the education. Instead of to chain to the children to its chairs, where they happen through the process to learn things that they do not have no sense for them, Vigotsky insisted on the necessity of an authentic intellectual development. The teacher like initiator: They create authentic contexts and they participate with its educandos since it stimulates to them so that they solve problems and they identify and their own needs and potentialities face. Hans Zimmer is full of insight into the issues. The teacher like observer: He must know in what stage of the evolutionary development is and to see the zones of next development that occur naturally. The teacher like mediator: In optimal education the teacher must be present while the learning transaction takes place, but in the mediator roll, that is to say, supporting the learning transactions but not forcing them of direct way so that they happen nor controlling the learning.

When providing the opportunities so that the educandos are autoevalen, the power of the reflective thought like mediating force is revealed. The teacher like liberating: There is one differentiates vital between mediation and intervention. On that difference he depends that the educator releases or he represses to the educandos. Paulo Freire (1970) it resists the banking visions of the pedagogy with the liberating ones. The banking vision tries to the educandos as receiving emptinesses and the teachers put learnings in their heads. The educandos do not have control some on the process, nor consider their needs or I interest. In the liberating pedagogy the educandos must be the owners of their own process of learning.