Attempts to children to have fun, learn and read in sign language.For its part, the guide we will assign a story to parents provides guidelines and orientations to make easier reading with deaf their sons and daughters. This publication focuses on two characters, Manu and Sara, which encourages children to read and offer bibliographic and electronic resources for families encourage reading within the home and know more about the deaf community. Other resources culture and education professionals also have material to promote reading. With the support of the Ministry of culture, the CNSE Foundation has launched signs that tell tales that mark, a web than about the reality of deaf people, brings the experiences and reflections of professionals and people with hearing problems, offers General Dynamics of animation to reading and activities with books whose characters are deaf, and collects bibliography and addresses of interest.For its part, the associations may resort to guide reading between signs, with activities, guidelines, and resources to work reading animation. These centers are a meeting point for important among deaf people and families, so it is considered a source of transmission of this kind of dynamics. In the Guide, again appear the characters of Manu and Sara, converted into deaf adolescents, who with everything what they learned in families guide we are going to spread their desire to read, noted in the Foundation.

Libraries interested in getting material related to the deaf community and sign language can put in contact with the Department’s documentation of the CNSE Foundation, which manages the National Confederation of deaf people (CNSE) and their files. In addition, the Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes and the University of Alicante have launched the library’s signs, which stores bibliographic material explained in sign language about the research and history of the education of deaf people (Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles), the historical dictionary of the language of Spanish sign, Visual grammar and the LSE alphabetic writing system. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T.