What is the art of sales? It is the ability to sell goods in a way that people understood, realized that he needed this product. Sales of using manipulation in the market now irrelevant. Market ten years ago strongly different from the market today. Then, in a total deficit, special technology sales no one was interested: you can easily leave with a client, knowing to whom he can come and what goods to buy. The first thing I share with sellers is what is needed to sell no logic, and emotion, positive. And it does not mean you have to endlessly smiling from ear to ear all the customers. This means that you need to sell not to impose, "vparit", and what to bring Sale item worries – check with the person that he needs.

And do not figure out the obvious question: "Do you anything to help?", "You something to show?" (The answers to these "hits" questions can be very different – yes, help me money "," warm clothes "," Children have no one to leave, "etc.) The obvious question we get – a banal answer. When a buyer sees the seller, he has an idea: Now, now begins "vparivanie" Art is the seller is to remove this message. The seller may say – "you can ask me questions and do not have to then buy. This is not a formulaic sentence – it sincerely desire to help people. Do not need a man download huge amounts of information, not push him his story, and then the contact will be a friendly, comfortable.