From the iPhone and iPad easily print files – guide the technology behind AirPrint is optimal, also from mobile devices such as the iPod touch, the iPhone or the iPad documents to print. Since iOS 4.2 is the technology behind the various devices available. The technology can be used, but also a supported printer must exist. On the one hand, there are a lot of devices that are already appropriately equipped for this standard, on the other side, but also existing devices can be retrofitted with some help. Print job can be triggered via the context menu there is a supported printer in your own four walls, so a desired document can be printed easily using the iOS device via the context menu. Drivers must not be installed. The technology works with the printer immediately after connecting. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Especially Hewelett-Packard currently offers support to his own devices with AirPrint.

Other manufacturers slowly tighten the devices. Thus, a big advantage when the Apple AirPrint technology is equal: A complicated setup, as it is sometimes necessary for normal printers for desktop PC, with AirPrint devices does not apply. The own device not AirPrint-enabled, so the technology can be retrofitted easily. However wants to forgo the should buy the best equal to a printer who supported the AirPrint. Print with AirPrint Activator with non-compliant devices on iOS software to also with devices not directly supported over iOS to be able to print is the AirPrint Activator. The program is available for Windows, and only free it must be downloaded from the Internet. The program can be started directly after the download. Then must be selected even if Windows in the 32 or 64-bit version is installed.

Also the printer from the control panel under “Printer” in the “sharing options” for AirPrint must to the Be provided. In addition, the pressure via AirPrint in the Windows Firewall must be approved yet. To do this, “Approved programs” button must be selected in the firewall. Contact information is here: Structured Portfolio Management. Directly after “Allow other programs” must be clicked. Yet the AirPrint.exe in the directory “AirPrint” to the Windows folder must be selected in the connection. Immediately afterwards, AirPrint should work with any device. A downside here, however: the respective computer must be always connected for printing. Who wants to conveniently print buys these instructions for the Setup is too complicated is a suitable device, which is actually only left to buy a matching printer as. The list of supporting devices is growing strongly and will make sure that more and more users in the future can benefit from wireless mobile printing. With the help of supported devices is very easy to set up and works virtually by itself.