Briefly about the often asked: teach me how to earn from the Internet. Asked mostly beginners who have not tried myself in this matter. And the temptation of the Internet has already heard a lot of money Overview There are many ways earnings on the Internet. Most people, including myself, start with the scam. Often, they themselves are unaware that contact with the scammers, which eventually oblaposhat his victim nan-sum. Then go surfing. Spend money on the internet, spend their time.

Then get into affiliate. Without knowing the basis of Internet marketing, do spam. In all cases described, the results are grim. With the affiliate program – because of the banal inability, in all other cases – because of losing the case itself. The truth about affiliate with affiliate programs is somewhat different.

But here too a lot of pitfalls. The most dangerous of them – it's honest partner. Even under the condition that the fee is quite high (30-50%) Your money might as well stay on a virtual account. Why? Yes, simply because you threw a partner. Of course, this can be explained in different ways: you can not follow the rules, did not fit the term of payment etc. Clearly, if you two months is not pay your salary (the maximum period of payment of commissions – 1 time per month!), then the case – a pipe. The other side of the coin: the partner pays little. Personally, I believe that if payment is less than 10% of the affiliate program is not even worth contact. Still confused fat. If he still will be. Have in the world to truly profitable affiliate programs. The truth about the CD-buying courses most advanced special courses. And rightly so. Especially if you study them very carefully and put into practice. Immediately warn: issues and disturbances such as: 'why it does not work? I did read everything, and wait for results! " – Is the voice of your own laziness. No need to wait! We need to act! FrilansEto direction for the so-called free artists. More precisely, for high class specialists and those who are able to do anything well enough. Here, find a good chance to cut the money webmasters and programmers, a good designers and writers, poets, translators, marketers, musicians. In general, for freelancers.