In the customs of our ancestors is one of a list of significant sites occupied pets – cows and goats. The advantage of this kind of domesticated animals and turned out that by themselves they became meat to stock rustic little family, and in this, that turned out to be a permanent reserve of drinking milk is very nutritious and is necessary for citizens of all age groups of the food. And if a cow to buy a permit were state is not without exception, our ancestors, the goat was able to buy even a very rich village. The value of such animals can be easily identified even by folk tales, where the goats were just constant characters. And while in the last century were just goats for some reason, unjustly forgotten.

In any case, was not established, no breeding farm now in Russia. Everywhere was a priority given to breeding cows. And only in 2003, the nature of the dairy goat breeding was re-launched on Sernurskom cheese factory. Possibilities for breeding goats available in virtually every area, and only in moderate climate, as they say, without exception, the possibility of disclosure to those who wish to come to grips with farming and get on the profit. That's how the goat farm – in fact started work from scratch. Because in including finding a solid number of goats, which could provide significant evidence of resistance to climatic changes and with a solid performance in the amount of milk was at least difficult. And yet, who are looking for – the always find. It happened with the initiators Sernurskogo cheese factory.

Goat farm began to increase rapidly. One of the important areas of performance such goat farm was breeding selection. To achieve high and regular yields also need to meet the challenges of improving and correcting the existing rock. To date, the breeding of goats cheese factory Sernurskom is already in a big way. The Company now continuous mutual exchange of experiences with other agricultural enterprises of the Russian Federation, which are involved in goat breeding. In addition, of course, there is a mutual exchange and breeding males for improving the breed. Elite manufacturers today and sent from abroad, which also increases the success of breeding and improves overall performance dimensions yield. Moreover, advancing technology and processing goat milk: at the moment production of goat's milk – this is not exotic, but quite familiar, though not too pervasive until the line of products. It should be noted that the goat's milk – is not only useful product much nutritional value, but also a valuable collection of natural elements to treat serious illnesses – from the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract to food allergies and tuberculosis. Goat's milk and all sorts of products made from it, is a vital resource of valuable biologically active elements for kids and adults, it is valuable and individuals who are emerging from the aging of health complications. At the cheese factory Sernurskom constantly there are new versions of the product line, which can be not only delicious, but in addition, and really healing, for every little family and for the whole family.