We need to make sure that the officer knew his work at 100%. 99.9% is not the end result. For example, if we're talking about the airline. And if a person trained to 99.9% in the year that person will be prevent 350 accidents. And if we talk about doctors and hospitals about, these people will take the lives of 5000 babies. It seems that 99.9% does not sound bad, but we need 100% results. Let us give an example.

Would you like to see you, someone built a house? Suppose This man was trained in college how to build houses. And on the final exam was 70% of people score. Would you like to see you, this man built a house? Another example. In Florida, there was a very interesting case. Builders built bridge.

What do you think, this bridge was built? Bridge construction began in parallel at one end and with the other. And guess what happened? Builders have missed an important point, they do not match, not docked at one point. After like millions and millions and millions of dollars were already spent. And they, in order to adjust it, took two years to repair. We do not need this now denied them part. Let's look at what a person who is fully trained. And the man who, trained at 100% is: 1. It has all the necessary knowledge. 2. Fully capable of quickly and correctly perform all the actions to be performed on them positions. Note the words quickly and correctly. You want people to work slowly or quickly? Yes, you want them to work quickly. 3. To these people could make good judgments when necessary. 4. They get planned results. This is the end result of training. That is, if your man has been trained, you taught him, and if this person has a presence here in these four points, you did a good job. What we do standard? 95 or 90% of what standard? Yes 100% standard. That is, you always work with someone as long as he is not trained to 100%.