Categorically impossible to use such water for children and adolescents, since sulfates inhibit the growth of human bones; Chloride – the use of such water governs the intestine, biliary tract and liver. Contraindications to the use is high blood pressure;-Magnesium – helps with disorders of the central nervous system. Contra – a tendency to indigestion;-Ferrous, etc. So helpful or not? And what did you ask harmful, if one kind of mineral water helps with gastritis, the other in case of obesity, and the third for the treatment of liver? In Currently, the modern man mineral water is associated exclusively with something useful and tasty. But this is not always the case. In the application of any mineral water should be guided by the following rules: Course treatment of mineral water should not exceed 1 month (the exception may be only a recommendation to the doctor). You can not use mineral water as a source quench thirst.

(One time should be limited for more than 200 ml. water). Never drink cold mineral water. But just do not underestimate the usefulness of mineral water. Correct and regular use of mineral water will help to avoid or eliminate many problems.

The biggest problem of mineral waters in the Russian Federation is their low-quality match, and only a few manufacturers offer a truly genuine mineral water. Market is full of products artificially created by mineral water, except that the harm to human body does not produce. And besides, the facts are not excluded so-called forgeries. (According to some estimates the proportion of such products in our country is more than 60%). To do not buy a fake, you must follow these simple rules: The label should read "Mineral Water" is her name (eg "ESSENTUKI 4") and indicate to what group it belongs (eg, Magnesium-sodium sulfate). For domestic (Russian) indicated GOST 13273-88 OR TU 9185 -…, imports – the exact address of the importer. In addition to salinity indicated the appointment of water (medical, therapeutic and dining room), and indications for use (gastritis, metabolic disorders, etc.) The recommendations for storage, is the date of bottling and storage life. On mineral water required to indicate a natural source and its exact location. Neat appearance of the goods. Bottle design and label corresponds to the original product. In the Soviet period, even in our country have proved themselves mineral waters of the Caucasus, such as "Essentuki", "Slavyanovskaya", "Smirnovskaya", etc. In our time, the plant Mineral Water City Zheleznovodsk less popular, this is due to a crowded market of artificial mineral waters of the Russian and foreign manufacturers. Currently, only a few factories and companies dare compete by providing quality products. One of these was the mineral water plant Zheleznovodsk, which still delivers high-quality and useful products for the consumer market. Various representation of the plant operating throughout Russia. For example, in the southern federal district operates a well established firm Onyx ( Likewise, there are other plants for the production of mineral water, for example in Pyatigorsk. Conclusions. Answering the main question paper, you can certainly answer that mineral water is helpful, but should take into account some factors in the selection and use. Thus, judicious use of mineral water canteens could have a beneficial effect on your body. Only by choosing high-quality and real mineral water, you can improve your health.