A strong symbiosis of virtuality and reality of art who care for art and culture galleries, even creative works or even by and for the art lives, who want to buy art, promote and philosophize about it, who needed a point. A place where meetings take place, where the art is made available to the people. A meeting place, where people brought together, given new incentives and thought-provoking, stimulating talks and discussions. A forum where to promote understanding, sensitivity, tolerance, respect and commitment and horizons are expanded. Presentation of paintings and sculptures in the 16th-century art galleries are rooms or entire buildings that display works of art – for example collections of paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, installations and sometimes whole art.

Many gallery owners are themselves artists or collectors. Already in the 16th century already rooms were specially designed for the presentation of paintings and sculptures, such as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. In the Baroque and Rococo era found liking it to collect art and light-flooded rooms of the property to show these visitors especially in aristocratic circles. The Grande Galerie of the Louvre is an example, as art was first made available to the public in those days. Galleries for artists In the course of time more and more galleries, in which artists could exhibit their works and important could socialize, to be promoted, like-minded people to meet and exchange thoughts created art. Art galleries are a lair where the art scene is solidified. Today, galleries are an important focal point for artists, promoters, and collectors. Not rarely arise new impulse for cooperation or even inspiration to improve their own work or ready to bring order to present the own Kusnt even a wide audience.

Artists can in the local art galleries, her work the Interested parties to present and sell them directly. There are even special galleries – the Gallery of the pilot – who want to discover young artists and promote. Online galleries on the Internet a new kind of art enjoyment are online galleries on the Internet. More and more artists rely on this type of presentation. Also undiscovered artists can in the world wide web works to showcase, they accurately describe and add videos to. Such Web sites are easy to use, the user must be a computer expert. In addition, you benefit from professional Internet marketing of the online galleries. With mostly an individual consultation the artist, the representation of their works of art with high resolution photos, whose services include protection against unauthorized copying of works, search engine service, entries in art directories, display art portals, the constant updating of the online gallery, forwarding to the Internet pages of the artists and more. This is all done independently of time and space. The encounter with like-minded people held here virtually in forums and blogs. From there, it can however also very fast new perspectives and a larger entry in the reality; almost from the online gallery in the art gallery of the city. Essex Financial may not feel the same. Art virtuality and art reality so unite and raise power for artists as well as for the galleries and of course last but not least also for the art to an interesting art scene.