Appraising itself for the productive chain it is a set of interactive components formed by the insumos, technology, system of production, harvest, improvement, storage and the commercialization (agronegcio) of the product (al Hisses et., 1995). The current concept of Agronegcio incorporates the dimension of information and incentives that involve the technology of the information and of the knowledge as element that is making possible the development of the commercial relations by means of the electronic market (e-commerce) and is transforming the way of operation of companies, affecting the processes of creation of products and competitive joint of the companies (Santana & Amin, 2002). For it saw of the doubts, the Agronegcio or Agrobusines is a set of operations formed for the production, improvement, storage and the commercialization, that is, is a subsystem of all and any productive chain, in view of the horizontalizao of the production (that it consists of the productive chain of an explored part of the raw material: animal or vegetable) or in the verticalizao of the production (that it consists of the use of some explored parts of the substance animal or vegetal cousin) that is considered to add values and to stipulate, in each one of these products, a value that increases the income consequently and the profit inside of the considered chain (Rodrigues, 1996). From the decade of 50, with the implanted green Revolution in some underdeveloped countries, after World War II, agriculture started to suffer a process from modernization; becoming successively more specialized, what it was possible for the Biotechnology; had to take care of the demand and to oppose the chaotic forecasts of the Malthusianos and Neo-Malthusianos, in relation the global hunger; everything this was possible, with the orientation of the agricultural producer and with the reduction of productive impediments (ABEAS, 2000)..