2) You are a hunter or fisherman. Float plan together (can sometimes three) and you should move on rather considerable distance. This is the most popular niche Boat motors. Get here and those few times a year travel to the Lower Volga and the people are resting on the water near the city. 3) Do you want to comfortably move around a crew of 3-4 people You are not afraid of the big weight of the boat and motor (you as much) and you want some fish out in open water (reservoirs, or large river) in weather. It is not strange, but the options were not so much. And the key factor was the number of people you plan to carry.

I note that under the carriage we mean swimming in the planing mode. What is it and why is it necessary to try to explain. There are several modes of the boat. The first is the so-called "displacement mode". He characterized by a large area of contact between the bottom of the boat with water. Speed boat in this mode is up to 15 km / h is increased further speed boat, how would pop up on the persecuted before a wave sharply reduced contact area with bottom water – the boat, it seems, is just touching the water with a screw motor. While dramatically increasing speed, decreasing the load on the motor, at times reduced fuel consumption.

Therefore, it turns out that in displacement mode to move over large distances is not economical and slow. And our goal is to choose a kit, so at considerable distances and the maximum load it was possible to move in the planing mode. The first task that we must solve in the way of choosing the best kit for you is choosing the length of the boat. Many beginners repeat one and tighter error, believing that if they decided to take a certain motor power, then the boat must be chosen so that the maximum power of the engine, installed on it corresponded to the selected motor. Ie deciding to buy a motor capacity 5 hp begin to choose between boats the size of 2,40-2,70 m. This approach absolutely wrong. Remember the general rules when selecting a boat 1) ships large boats do not get. Anyway, whatever you do not have a boat was always a situation arises (the amount of cargo, weather conditions, etc.) when the size of the boat You will be missed. 2) All things being equal big boat has a better seaworthiness (weight inferred on the "glissade", manageability, speed) than a smaller boat. For a boat length of 240 cm maximum possible Engine 6 hp If, however, install the engine on a boat length 340 cm (for which the maximum power of 15 bhp), in addition to the possibility of future upgrade to a more powerful motor without replacing the boat you will get significantly more weight that will "pull out" this boat to planing mode, much better handling, not to mention an increase in the internal space in the boat, which, believe me, never over does not happen.