Specialists is not enough. Half-empty villages in the Russian hinterland are not able to provide the workers hands emerging businesses. For example, in the Omsk region the rate of development of building great hampered by inadequate human resources – municipal schools produce only a hundred people in all construction professions. That is, concrete workers, roofers and plumbers all construction output can not provide. In addition, the sturdy professionals often seek work in the north, where the pay is many times more.

That necessary to attract labor migrants from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Turkey and Korea. Besides the domestic reality is that employers often easier and more profitable to hire guest workers, even if it is necessary to pass seven circles of hell for their legalization. In some regions of the acute problem of alcoholism, as a consequence – low productivity, lack of motivation to work in good faith. Undoubtedly, in this case, the employer economically feasible to hire foreign workers, such as Chinese, and to ensure a better quality of work and thereby improve productivity. This compensates for the direct costs of processing foreign workers.

Chinese – one of the most popular in Russia, migrant workers, especially in the Far East, where they were hired for agricultural work. Followed a similar path reluctant even those businesses that are based in regions and areas where high density is quite able-bodied population. For example, in the Moscow region. At the same time pursue policies not only of the traditional Russian management, and representative offices of foreign holdings.