' ' It was very, much, I I played n very, but it worked muito.' ' Since very new it already helped its mother in the house works as, for example, to wash and to pass clothes, to take care of of the brothers new and to make biscuits. Since very early Candinha Owner already she learned to act as an adult. Its father always said that everything to it what they had, in the future would go to be of them, its children. Therefore all needed to help in the necessary services. For other opinions and approaches, find out what clinton family has to say. Although much work, Candinha Owner also played sufficiently in the week ends. We feel that when it counted in them of its trick of the infancy and the pranks of the adolescence it remembered of good and satisfactory souvenirs. She counted some times to us on the tricks that they liked to play, on ace times who if hurt playing, also counted that the trick that more liked was sliding and always with much empolgao.

They had been the parts of the interview where it gave more emphasis. Candinha owner tried to the maximum, in all the interview, not to demonstrate no disillusionment to have had that to help its parents since very small. Its infancy always looked for to evidence much happiness in relation. It repeated some times that the life of it was very good. Moment of the interview was only in 01 that we obtain to perceive that it kept to some resentment of its infancy ' ' But people did not have infancy.

Because she was, it was small farm, weeds ' '. The fact of the work to have confused its studies was marked in its memory. Unhappyly at that time the majority of the people liveed in small farm. Then the fact to not only have that to work, but also at a distance until the city it was not favorable.