The date of first espresso machine is considered to be far in 1830. Designer is officially Mrs. Lyons. The first coffee maker was not even close to similar to modern machines. But thanks to the dozens of experiments craftsmen of different companies, capsule coffee machine has become such that we know it today. With the advent of this invention, no longer need to worry about the proper brewing of coffee, on compliance with temperature control and correct dosage of the coffee material.

Previously, without this it was impossible to make great coffee, famous for its unsurpassed flavor and aroma. The smallest error in dosage or temperature and out of coffee is not the way we would wanted to see him. Now, a clever technique capsule coffee maker cook everything for you. And never allow a margin of error in production technology. Despite the fact that the first coffee maker came in 1830, they became popular. And after a long time been forgotten.

Until the early nineties of the twentieth century. Then broke out a boom of coffee machines. This is due primarily to the fact was that a large number of cafes. And there should have been in large numbers and quickly make high-quality coffee. This required a very time-consuming, which provoked the exodus of clients and it was necessary to maintain a large staff of employees who brewed the coffee would and this is a huge labor costs. That was not profitable, and cafe ruined. Solved the problem of capsule coffee maker. Its operating principle was that in a special box with a finished mount capsule of your favorite coffee grade, and filled with water. Then all the coffee she cook for you and very energetic. And also it will not allow a miss just because forgotten or missed something. Now the range of coffee machines simply pleases the eye. Huge selection of different vehicles in price and performance. There are those who cook for 1 – 2 cups per hour, after which they need to rest. And there are those who brew coffee on an industrial scale. Many brands are competing in this area. But few people think that the modern range presented through the work of dozens of artists of different companies, and by trial and error came the modern models dovedshie coffee preparation to the ideal.