The importance of implementing strategies that will improve the relationship with customers, will improve the service that is provided and created a quality relationship with the consumer. Much of the problems currently facing companies with service to the customer, lies in the parameters established for the implementation of strategies and the objective to which the companies currently are focusing. Strategies must be directed to the needs of the customer and how they provide an optimal solution that would strengthen the relationship with the same. Ken Blanchard in his book Raving Fans raises 3 effective steps to improve the relationship with the consumer. Decide what kind of experience you want to have with the consumer. Jan Carlzon in his book moments of truth mentions that companies will not provide better service if they offer lower prices than the competition, the quality of the same, will be decisive in establishing a link with the customer.

Find out what the customer wants. The first image that the client has faced with its company, not necessarily determine what you like and what you don’t like, you have already set the kind of experience you want to have, now talk to him, listen to him, you will find strategies that will improve their relationship with the consumer. Empower your employees for decision-making. The service key customer lies in its staff aware company, vision, your values, your goals, establish the culture of service that you want to with the consumer. The importance that employees feel part of the company, will be indispensable factor for customer relationship fence according to the objectives of the organization. The crisis of the service when Blanchard wrote his book, United States was going through a crisis of services, reflecting a population with high rates of dissatisfaction.