Investments in real estate, construction of shopping centers and construction of office centers in the Russian Federation – are issues that are now very much in demand. There is a significant number of companies that involved the following issues: management of commercial real estate. Among all the major Russian companies ranks first FPC Corporation Garant Invest. To date, such corporation is in the active development and is a reliable partner with which it is possible to make real estate development, real estate development and many other services in the management of commercial real estate. Financial Industries Corporation supports the status constant investment in industries such activities as construction and real estate, trade and development. FPC Garant Invest for fifteen years of professional performing its activities and has a large number of customers, shareholders and partners. The success of the Financial Industry Corporation Garant Invest in the development and construction, is that such a corporation – a group of businesses organized as one Financial-industrial corporation, is actively growing.

It works in such industries as real estate development, trade, construction and real estate. In addition, FPC supports its customers, shareholders and partners in the banking sector (investment projects implemented and running investment projects, bill investment program, etc.). Garant Invest – Financial Industries Corporation, wholly focused on development and implementation of these types of businesses that need on a daily basis is potentially attractive in terms of growth and profitability. Having capital and attracting investment from outside, FPK Garant Invest builds property and manage it well. In addition, constantly working towards selling completed projects, while taking care of shareholders and customers. Activities of FIC has the direction of the charity and development of city infrastructure and participation in sotsprogrammah, exhibitions and events. All of this suggests that the favorable experience of using innovative technologies in construction and development.

FPC Garant Invest provides assistance to Russian citizens who want to start their own business or to maintain and increase equity. Commercial Bank Garant-Invest is a subsidiary of FIC Garant Invest. Garant Invest, there are more fifteen years. The list of services FPC Garant Invest, includes: Corporate customers and services for them: the correspondent relationships and international payments, collection, CSC, bills of exchange programs and deposits, bank cards. Services the foreign exchange market, services on the interbank money market, and correspondent relationships, that is providing all services for credit institutions. CSC, the contributions for individuals and deposits, and individual bank safes, Private Banking, savings certificates, transactions with cash and checks and credit cards – services provided to individuals.