It was getting dark and the forest remained just a little bit, but I could not sit in the saddle. The wound was bleeding heavily, the terrible pain pierced the body. I wanted to close my eyes and surrender to fate, but the feeling that by doing so I will give, its dead people have been stronger. And his teeth, I went on his way And finally arrived! We dismounted and let them go into the field. And they themselves went into the woods in search of shelter. This wood is a bad reputation! If you believe the legend, in ancient times in the forest lived a hermit-magician Arenus, none of it really does not know anything, but it was rumored that he lived in the forest because it dwelt 'golden unicorn', who is credited with various magical abilities, for perception that he settled here.

But in one spring day in the forest strayed hunter who mistakenly killed the unicorn! Angered by this, the wizard summoned from the bowels of the earth a terrible monster who tore hunter shreds. Arenus but was unable to cope with this creature and send it back and so he fled to distant lands for fear of reprisals for the terrible offense. Learning of this, local magicians together and didst send a spell at the forest – that nothing and no one unable to get out of there! Therefore, all still bypass the forest side, so as not to remain forever locked up with a monster.