Released: 2009 Genre: Action / fps / On-Line Developer: Valve Language: English and Russian Platform: pc Tablet: Not required Size: 1,29 Gb Game Description: Day of Defeat has a great network gameplay, which is set during the wwii War in Europe. The player is offered the role of light infantry, attack aircraft, heavy infantry, sniper or machine gunner in the army or the allies of Nazi Germany and the mission, some of which are based on historical operations. Opportunities Day of Defeat: Source, as compared with the original quality improved in both graphical and an audio designs. Capabilities of the new Source engine used at full capacity. System requirements: OS: Windows 2000 / xp / Vista; * Processor: Pentium 1.7 GHz or equivalent Athlon; * Memory: 512 mb RAM; * Optical Drive: DVD-ROM; * Hard drive: at least 5 gb of free hard disk space * Graphics: DirectX 8-compatible video card * Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card . Additional information: Client the latest version of the game, a unique installer, added a bunch of pirate servers. Install and play.