The NTICs, beyond providing to fast diffusion of didactic materials of interest of professors and pupils, allows, among others possibilities, the construction to interdisciplinar of information? produced or same individually in groups, on the part of the geographically dispersed pupils, or through colaborativos developments of projects? , beyond the exchange of didactic projects between the professors. The university also must be committed in offering answers to this new problematic one. Currently, the microcomputer is not seen as a machine to teach, but as an educational media; or better, an educational tool, instrument of understanding, perfectioning and possible change in the quality of education. Therefore, the students must be taught to search and to use the information she saw computer. As for the educative systems and to to be able national, is necessary to construct a new society for the humanity and the technology does not stop, in the direction of that inalienablely the life must predominate – now and always – on the technique.

The adopted civilizacionais objectives in the education would have to be always to assure and to deepen the personal and civic freedoms of the citizens, to eliminate all type of marginalizao of the human being and the eradication of the poverty. On the other hand, the virtual communities (that they act as form of collective intelligence) also induce the new scientific, social and economic action and can be used to advantage for the education and of the culture. The computer and its languages, as well as the Internet, open new ways for the institutions of formal education and not-deed of division in the world: it diminishes in the distance space, allow the exchange of information with distant people or of different cultures, they facilitate the acquisition of information and, at last, they consider a new form to learn and to face the planet where we live. What here we defend is a knowledge society that is the service of all the citizens, democratic and permanently pluralista joust and. It is this that makes in to believe them the future and the qualitative development of the condition human being.