People with disabilities – is today 10% of the population of Russia. Many of them face daily discrimination. Public policy in recent years in relation to persons with disabilities, not only did not improve the quality of life, but on the contrary, contributes to greater isolation, dependence and poverty with disabilities. The most active people with disabilities, seeking rehabilitation and integration, receive the least support from the state; worse legal situation of the disabled the labor market increased disability discrimination in education, and until now virtually created barrier-free environment – many disabled people can not even get out of his house. To get the basic tools rehabilitation, disability must be at least 7 times to go to various government agencies and to withstand it all. Negligible support for families raising children with disabilities. Persons with disabilities are still not considered equal citizens, officially recognizing them as incapable of learning, work and communicate Recently the problem of full integration of disabled persons has acquired great importance and relevance.

This can be achieved only by giving disabled people the opportunity themselves to support themselves, realized as an individual and in work, and family and cultural activities, and companionship. For the successful resolution of these issues and works great number of different public organizations. The objectives of such organizations is the adaptation of the disabled person to the environment, its inclusion in all aspects of life. We know how to treat people with disabilities in the Soviet times: no human No problem. And only the strong spirit to survive in this struggle.

And those who could not do this for various reasons, stay home and have existed on meager state pensions. How many talented people we lost during this time? Social abilities and potential disabled remain unfulfilled to this day in Russia. After all, disabled person can do something that can not make a normal person. Assess the situation, analyze it, make it more optimal for life. And so on a regular basis need a program that would include the experience of many disabled persons organizations, government bodies to complete rehabilitation of the disabled: school, college, work, no secret that is the half of our education system leads to unemployment not only among people with disabilities, but also among healthy people. Meanwhile, people with disabilities – one of the most vulnerable and least competitive in the market Labor categories of citizens. The problem of employment remains sharp, despite the measures taken by the Employment Service. After full employment of the disabled – an important element of their comprehensive rehabilitation.

Opportunity get a job, on the one hand, opens up an additional source of financial support, on the other – promotes self-assertion of personality, the expansion of communication links and social adaptation. Questions social and labor rehabilitation of disabled persons are relevant and require particular attention specialist employment services, social security authorities and employers to ensure their active working activities. We should be able to help disabled people understand that they are fully fledged members of society. There are many examples where people with disabilities seeking of what healthy people do not even think. If he has the power of the spirit, if it will help the surrounding moral advice, finances, searching for some specialized work, he would not feel handicapped. These guys are engaged in ballroom dance, play basketball, chatting among themselves, marry, have children, go drive a car, lead a normal life. And try such a person be called a disabled.