Toughest requirements for camera and communication technology in potentially explosive atmospheres is of Eleanor romp of the Asslar biomass landfill. 1000 metres of tunnel underground. 1000 metres of tunnel from Betriebsmesswarte. Explosion endangered areas. Pipe cleaning with water pressure up to 900 bar. Request to the camera and communication system: continuous monitoring of the entire tunnel gangs with explosion-proof camera systems. Full duplex voice connection of the working groups with full respiratory protection with the supervision of the tunnel in the Betriebsmesswarte. Full integration of camera – and communication system in the process control system.

Conditioned sludge (biomass) were stored at the landfill Asslar with Wetzlar, the former companies Hoechst AG and Casella AG from 1977 to 1992. Due to the Drainage situation 1994 by the operator, of HIM GmbH, was an underground tunnels system and built better to run off the landfill seepage waters. The Eleonora shaft runs through natural rock under the storage Biomass and allows you to have direct access to three leachate drainage points (maintenance Chambers). With all cross-passages is the entire length of the tunnel at about 1000 m. The leaking landfill leachate brings two properties that make essential regular work in the gallery. On one only out it in the drain pipes, which requires a constant cleaning, on the other hand, methane is located in the piping, which could escape and lead to an explosive atmosphere at the opening. Requirements for the camera and communication system just because hard working for man and machine technology will prevail maximum explosion-proof camera and communication system requirements: four ATEX certified zoom cameras (miniZoom ExCam ) as well as five explosion-proof dome cameras (ExCam 360) divided the task from the Betriebsmesswarte out every workplace in the Eleonore romp in up to one kilometre distance can be viewed and monitored to make. In the Outside the facility is complemented by three weatherproof dome cameras.