You can also change the idle speed, the maximum permitted engine speed and mass other parameters. Great a role in getting these changes on the engine maximum power? No – its growth may be 5-8% (with the exception of 'inomarochnye' turbo-charged engines where, without much difficulty You can get an increase of 20% or even more). So is there any sense in all this? Everyone who decides to do or not, but someone who once drove a car with a properly reprogrammed injection system solves this problem for themselves unequivocally – yes! The fact that few people travel in peak power – far more important parameters for everyday driving is the torque and engine flexibility. All this without the extra costs will give you a simple chip-tuning. Chip-tuning – the budget and affordable option 'tuning', when only a change management program can be injected at least a little to change the behavior of your car, make it different from Serial – more obedient, 'throttle response', economical and easy to handle.

Virtually all aftermarket firmware versions improved idling, cold start, reducing the temperature of the fan system cooling, are eliminated, errors – sometimes rough, chronically present in the serial versions of the software. For non-standard motors with increased volume, with a modified inlet and outlet chip tuning is a must as air. Individual for each motor control program allows maximum use of forced motor. 2 – Why chip tuning does not the manufacturer? The manufacturer produces a massive production of cars that should be used in a variety of settings: in different climatic zones, at different heights above sea level on the fuel and materials of varying quality and, finally, by different people.