One of the important components of the transport industry is the sphere of freight forwarding activities. More than 70% of world cargo is carried by shipping companies. Freight forwarders are now – is not only intermediaries between the cargo owners and carriers. They are actively marketing work in the markets for transport services, participate in the preparation of goods to transport, escorted them along the route, provide requirements regarding delivery of senders 'from door to door', perform the functions of the operators inter / multimodal transport. Intermodal is the system of delivery of goods by several modes of transport in a single shipping document with their congestion in transhipment points from one mode to another without the involvement of the cargo.

The essence of this intermodal logistics system lies in the unity of all parts transport and processing chain, ensuring delivery of cargo to all corners of the globe using the pass-through rate for a single shipping document that is running a single operator. Operators inter / multimodal transport are those who enter into agreements with the actual carrier and shall be liable to the customer for the security of cargo on the whole route, with different modes of transport. Forwarders largely act as organizers of the transport process, bringing together all its members, optimize transportation costs for cargo owners. The problem of choosing the best option freight forwarding services with particular acuteness in the market gets a mixed, intermodal, multimodal, national and international delivery of goods. And, above all, in situations where services, such as carrier or warehouse terminal though and need a buyer, but by themselves alone are of no value to consumers. Only freight forwarders, by combining these services are offered for sale service system, which able to meet the real needs of the buyer.

In addition to firms regularly engaged in the export-import supplies, it is impractical to create your own service, which would deal with all transport work: study of traffic conditions of the contract in terms of selecting the most optimal routing and transportation means; learning situation in the world transport market, control the storage and transshipment cargoes at ports and border crossings. All this work requires specialized knowledge, more experience and a great distance from ports and border crossings are very expensive. This work is beneficial to entrust Special freight forwarding companies that can provide "a big range of services in freight forwarding freight. In fact, freight – the science is not so much about transport, storage or shipment, or even all of these operations together, but about people: their obligations with respect to a particular system and the goods, their ability to meet the needs of other side. 'Positive' forwarding occurs only if all parties are sensitive to the needs of each other and take steps to and link these interests. And it all begins with training. Need to examine the regulatory framework, to know what the rules and regulations applicable in the field of transport and forwarding activities. It should be understood that different types of traffic require different levels and the volume knowledge of the freight forwarder. Usually within a moving company with experts in transportation united in specialized areas. In many cases, the forwarding decision is justified and to avoid unpleasant moments in the delivery of goods.