Frame-panel houses easy enough and do not require massive foundations, which further reduces the cost of construction. A two-storey house with total area of 200 square meters weighs less than 20 tons. For these homes recommended use monolithic slab or lightweight strip foundations. However, framing the Canadian technology is very significant to many people lack – a very limited architectural solutions. After designing 'Canadian' skeleton-timber frame houses is based on the capabilities of standardized production and not due to fly thought the architect, designer.

The motto of the frame construction can be expressed in the following way: 'sufficiently comfortable with the minimum costs and architectural delights. Celina Dubin does not necessarily agree. " Some people built a house like this for a long time does not leave a feeling of living in a hotel. The service life of frame-panel house depends primarily on how and from which timber is made of mesh. The main enemy – the humidity. If the frame is built from properly dried wood, it will not crack, does not warp or lose in this regard, his strength. But in Russia, not many companies that are equipped with equipment and technology, allowing the timber, suitable for the construction of frame-panel houses. After all, it must be carefully dried, observing all the subtleties of the process, and then another, and to impregnate the particular protective compounds that prevent rot, insect, and also (together) fire. How strong is the design frame houses? Of course, the 'Canadian' skeleton-shield house – it's not a brick, and certainly not High-quality medieval fortress.