It is attested in documents that the Gaddafi regime, would have also had relationships with the British MI6. It also offers proof that the American Agency sent to the country to terrorism suspects in known the CIA flights. According to some reports, moved to Libya to prominent members of Al Qaeda to torture them, and get the necessary information. A file found in Tripoli by a group of journalists and members of Human Rights Watch reveals the close ties that existed between the Central Intelligence Agency American (CIA), the British secret service, MI6, and espionage of the regime gadafi between 2002 and 2007, reported the newspaper The New York Times. The documents, whose authenticity cannot be verified, demonstrate that the CIA sent Libya to terrorism suspects for questioning, which fits with what is known about those known as the CIA flights. In one of the documents listed up to 89 questions that Libyan interrogators should do a suspect of terrorism. In some texts are urged authorities to respect the human rights of detainees, but groups like HRW denounced record of torture and violations of human rights of the Muamar Gadafi regime.

The flight program was to deliver to these prominent figures linked with Al-Qaeda so that they were tortured and get the information you wanted, explained a member of HRW that has been able to study the documents, Peter Bouckaert, in statements to the Times. These documents correspond to the period in which Musa Kusa, until recently little Minister of Foreign Affairs of Gaddafi, held the position of director of the Organization for the external safety, the feared secret services of the regime. The New York Times recounts that documents were found Friday in an abandoned building formerly used by Kusa, who recently fled to London, after the uprising against Gaddafi. Among the documents several texts into English, including there is what looks like a draft of speech to Qaddafi announcing his resignation to the obtaining of armament not conventional, a fact that occurred in 2004 and boosted radically improving Gaddafi relations with United States and its allies. This draft of speech would have been proposed by the American secret services. A spokesman for the CIA, Jennifer Youngblood, did not want to comment on any specific case, but has asked that no one millstone for this information. It is no surprise that the Central Intelligence Agency cooperates with foreign Governments to help protect our country from terrorism and other deadly threats, described above. Source of the news: A file of Tripoli reveals CIA relations with the secret services gadafistas