Lockout Tagout systems serve to secure shut-off, blocking and tagging of machines, to avoid accidents, Lockout-Tagout serve the safety of employees, machinery and equipment with appropriate blocking and locking systems. Fault or wrong operation to prevent system lockout-tagout. Blockier-, locking systems and warning trailers for safeguarding danger points are now a must and written according to the German and EU directives. The operator has to ensure that his employees against electrical and mechanical hazards in the workplace are adequately protected. These systems and appropriate security markings by macro suitable Lockout-Tagout IDENT. Error or incorrect operations by employees on equipment or machinery can thus be avoided. Lockout systems are used for example to the shut-off ball valves, through valves, cone valves, gas cylinders and bottles, etc. There is also a wide range of locking systems for electrical hazards.

MACRO IDENT is the complete Brady Lockout-Tagout program available, plus a wide range of different security markings such as security systems, pipe markers, anti slip markings, very durable floor markings, bid-, / ban-, / signs, pictograms, warning signs and trailers, and much more. To the Brady Lockout Tagout systems to shut off, there are different security locks from steel, nylon, aluminum, and brass in various sizes, colours, iron heights and different key divisions (key alike, different, key with the master key and Grand Master Key). For larger companies that would print more yourself your signs, Pik trough Ramme, pipe markers, trailers and much, macro has IDENT, also for this purpose appropriate labels and signs printer for the solid color and multi-color printing. Immediately demand the appropriate signs themselves be printed by the user. Ribbons, labels and signs materials to the print itself IDENT is macro available at all times. Companies in the production with oil or chemicals and other liquids work has macro IDENT also matching towels, roller, industrial mats, emergency kits, pillows, locks, and oil booms for waters of the SPC in the program. Because the products are made of very fine polypropylene fiber, they are lighter than conventional granules 10 times more absorbent and multiples. The connective fleeces and binder of macro IDENT have the advantage that they keep clean the work area of the employee and there is no risk of slipping.

Cloths, rolls, mats, etc. must be replaced not every 2-3 days. Compared to conventional granules that all 2-3 must be replaced days in some establishments, the connective fleeces of macro are IDENT 14 days and longer in use before they need to be replaced. Even though metal shavings fall to the mats and towels, the corresponding binding fabrics not tear. More information: macro.