Cats always have been the subject of admiration since which are animals that possess a great body that can withstand strong impacts in your body, which is due to their anatomy and their bone structure is made so that is very flexible, strong and resistant, which allows all the muscles and bones to be has available to absorb the force of the impactsIn addition to this the cats have all the necessary means to be agile and fast, because the same disposition of the body gives you great powers, so has a lightweight body with the presence of a good claws, hence affecting many times cats and heights, so in many cases you can find the cat riding a tree, or on top of the roof of the House, from there that the combination of cats and the heights is very common. That phrase that cats have nine lives is largely due to the qualities of the body, in such way is not that cats have the virtue of enjoy several lives, but on certain occasions cats they resist blows that other beings would not resist, besides cats and the heights that would be a deadly, for this feline no combination, since the provision that has the body of the cat gives you a great elasticity, which allows you to greatly relax your muscles, so when the combination of cats and the heights ends by a small mistake and the animal falls to other animalsfirst thing does is move his head remaining upright, capacity that flange column relax your body and be able to move your muscles still-body twisted and then with the agility of this animal, it accommodates your body in such a way that to fall standing, allowing cats and heights are something not so harmful, is that the cat feeling in the emptied accommodates your body, ability afforded by their ears. So cats and heights is something that can occur much in the life of the owner of a cat, but should bear in mind that although cats are climbers experts due to the conditions of its body, sometimes events of the cats and heights can be somewhat dangerous, because although cats have ways to avoid the force of the blows before the fall, similarly they tend to be very prejudicial to their bodies, so although cats and heights does not lead to the death of animals, in most cases serious injury are generated in the cat, so if the activities of cats and the heights, the feline has a slight oversight may well suffer certain injuries, which will suffer fractures in the members, in the jaw, chest and other parts, it is worth knowing that the combination of cats and the heights, is more serious if it is an average heightTherefore if a cat falls from a first floor it will suffer many more damage which if it falls out of a fourth floor, for while longer whether the fall will allow that the cat can accommodate in a better way to receive the impact, while if it is of a low height it does not have the possibility to accommodate his body as it should be and the impact will be greater. Original author and source of the article