Hitechnology company announced sales of the new DVRs DVR 2720. DVR DVR 2720 is not only a high level of reliability and stability. Professional level DVR DVR 2720 is determined by how effectively it helps to solve the security forces assigned to the task. The company's specialists are developing Hitechnology digital video recording systems for over 20 years, and thoroughly knows the needs of the security services. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the company Hitechnology creates some of the best DVR in the world. Before the video surveillance system has two problems. The first challenge – a quick observation. The guard sitting at a monitor, constantly monitors situation in each area of the object.

Here, first of all important high-speed display. Human vision allows a person to comfortably take video at a speed upgrade to 25 / s (live video). If the rate of less than 10 k / s (psevdozhivoe video), the guard will not be able to perceive information. Therefore, for operational monitoring in the first place is important display speed. The second problem Surveillance System – provides archive. Once there was an alarming event, necessary records are retrieved from the archives and released some of the most successful and informative staff.

Further work is being done with each frame individually. Stand details such as facial features, especially clothing. The more detail can be isolated, the more likely the accurate identification of the suspect. Scenes from the low resolution does not represent virtually no value, because with their help it is impossible to obtain accurate signs. Speed record on the one hand should be such that managed to record some good in terms of angle shots, but on the other hand the speed should be as below for economical filling space. For 90% of the required speed range from 2 to 10 k / sec.