Originally the briquette press primarily to the production of coal briquettes Brown coal was briquetted used today not only Brown coal or wood, but also paper, biomass, cotton, hay, straw, Miscanthus (stem flower grass) and dusts. The goal is the effective use as an alternative energy source. In addition also metal-bearing materials and chips can be prepared by briquetting for further processing. Occasionally, even toxic materials and dust be briquetted to facilitate the handling and transport of dangerous goods by the compaction. Wood chips, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, plastic particles, etc.

incurred in craft and industrial businesses of the wood processing industry daily and require enormous space for storage and during transport. Compact briquettes are, however, saving and easier to transport space. In contrast to loose material, the risk of spontaneous combustion is much lower. Through the compression of the raw material in a handy format and the production of briquettes Briquetting press guarantees. Hocker Polytechnik is a strong and reliable partner in the field of high-performance briquette presses for various applications in industry and crafts with over 40 years experience. The operating of a briquette press of Hocker Polytechnik secures a noticeable reduction in disposal costs by processing waste such as wood chips, metal shavings, dust, and into compact briquettes.

Depending on the source material, a volume reduction can be achieved by up to 90%! Briquetting press from Hocker Polytechnik is distinguished not only by their modern hydraulics and electronics off, but also by their robust mechanics. The hardened press room and the chrome-plated pressing Tong contribute significantly to minimize wear and durability of the equipment. This ensures a consistent quality of machines for highest demands and in continuous operation. A key advantage of the Hocker Polytechnik briquette presses is their high efficiency despite the construction space saving and its compact, energy-saving drive type. The Briquette length can be adjusted by the operator depending on the material characteristics and the individual situation. Still, the maintenance of the press by the hand control is especially comfortable. This means that the movements of briquette presses are of course on an automatic operation, but for a comfortable maintenance always by hand can be controlled. All systems are developed to produce briquettes from various materials such as wood, paper, straw, plastics, textile fibers and metals at Hocker Polytechnik, experienced team of specialists.