old fashioned phoneWhen I was a kid I loved hearing my grandparents tell me how different the world was now then from when they were kids my age. I always tried to imagine a world without telephones, television, movies, cars, air travel, and who knows what else. In the past 40 years and even less, the world has changed again in even more incredible ways. Because of computers and mobile phones and other related devices the way we communicate, acquire information and entertain ourselves bears almost no resemblance to how those things were accomplished just a few decades ago. Back in the mid to late 1980s I actually read a book which supposedly explained why “You Do Not Need a Computer.” The book argued that there was very little a computer could do for you that you couldn’t do for yourself with just a nice pen and a pad of paper. Well we have certainly come light years from that moment in time.

Hopefully this blog will be the opposite of that book. We will instead be trying to look deeply into the foggy future to struggle for a glimpse of where we are heading and what we can expect from today’s rapidly changing hi-tech world.