After removal of the cancer cells of the skin, reconstructive plastic surgery is often necessary. Although publicity about the harmful effects of sun exposure has raised awareness of the need to protect the skin, most women have a false sense of security derived from the myths. First, Many women believe that sunscreen is only effective in staving off skin damage. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although sunscreens are an essential part of sun protection, they are not effective alone.

Sunscreens rub and sweat. They are not applied uniformly and are not permanent. A sunscreen is effective only after it binds to cells of the skin, which can take up to 20 minutes? more than enough time for sun damage to begin. Even when sunscreen blockers, and are active, the protection only lasts 20-80 minutes, which is not nearly enough for women lifestyle to lead healthy and active today. Finally, sunscreen blocks only some, not all, of the sun’s damaging UV rays. By itself, sunscreen does not provide effective sun protection. The second myth that lulls many women into a false sense of security about sun damage is the belief that the hat do the job.

That the beach straw hat who has been using for their trips to the beach should provide good protection against the sun, right? Incorrect. All hats are not equal in the battle against sun damage. Most common are hats made of straw, cotton or other common fabric through which the sun’s rays are able to penetrate easily.