Old, ahead of the new ideologies that appeared and if they organized quickly, the thinkers to support its new chains of thought, created a species of word key to give emphasis what they believed. The world passed for the Teocentrismo, Antropocentrismo, Geocentrismo, where these trends if became the center of the universe, and dictated rules that marked all a time. Currently, if it cogitates the idea of that the society has as the epicenter of the things the technology. The world, the things and the man circulating around it. Ahead of this new order, that could very be called &#039 well; ' Tecnocentrismo' ' , the planet suddenly is organized. The technology, as well as many other things, appeared to benefit. However, as well as the man, it is also passvel errors, and depending on the situation it can be used in way not very beneficial. Since the Industrial Revolution appeared England, the world lived deeply a new reality that would last until today, the gradual mechanization of the lines of production in the plants.

This caused inevitable dualidade between creator and creature, therefore the man at the same time that he created the machine to assist it, also felt itself threatened, has seen that one machine only took the work of many laborers. This modernization generated production increase and profit of few, in parallel the much unemployment, I afflict and anger on the part of many, that had suffered with the sudden changes. It had revolt, with the consequent machine in addition, that beginning gave to the movement called Ludismo, that raises was it of laborers against, the machines, its disloyal competitors. Bringing the facts for the hodiernos days the technology is known that, if it became a powerful weapon in the most diverse sectors of the society, assisting in the combat of the isolation, unfamiliarity and bureaucracy.