Most wisdom that human beings can reach is holiness. Compare the diversity of virtues that man can lead to good practice. Which can be applied to the improvement of their souls. And tell me if there is under greatest holiness. When you perform this test, follow me closely and I'm very close to making a powerful inquiry. If you gentlemen have done thinkers. We address our future thinking and make of it an element to be thinkers. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Gender is the original essence that causes the birth of the species.

For this reason consider the genders as the first element of a species. According to this maxim can be analyzed in nature formed by God, that gender is an animal. Which contains all animals in nature. If we say we mean all animal species in this individual, ie all animals. What is not happening with the species of animals, because we know that there are several.

Example: the terrestrial species, aquatic species, the species air. Each of these species contains a large number of species, which in turn divide to form an evolutionary chain simultaneously according to the order established by God. The kind of life is one, which covers the extension of its many different species of life. That is, when we speak of life we refer to the universal gender enclosing the whole complex, consisting of all men, for all animals, all plants, by all angels and all the souls. What does not happen when we speak of the existence of men, animals, plants, of the angels and souls.