Macbook – new generation of laptops from the world famous company apple, created based on Intel's processors and incorporating all the latest technology. Powerful video graphics cards nvidia brings you the latest 3D games. Fast Wi-Fi, iSight camera, Bluetooth wireless technology, and many more surprises that are hidden in notebooks Apple. Nice innovation is also affected by energy saving notebook. About 7 hours is not continuous (8 hours on 17-inch MacBook Pro). Enclosure is designed from aluminum, which gives the notebook an incredible lightness and compactness.

Now a little more detailed. Corpus. As mentioned laptop case is very thin and lightweight so you can easily transport laptop (in any backpack or briefcase). The notebook is very nice to lie in their hands, at the expense of a smooth surface and has a great design that is very pleasing to the eye. Case is also made to round out the contours that make it simple during transportation, as easily fit in any bag or backpack. Holds it out of polycarbonate, which can withstand any surface irregularities, no matter where you are: at school, at work or traveling.

Cover its full – nonslip , MacBook, , , , . Screen MacBook Pro comes with a brilliant widescreen display when viewing that captures the spirit of the visual displaying images. Documents, videos, photos and games look incredibly accurate and detailed. High resolving power give greater color range, which allows to easily read large blocks of texts, while not tire the eyes. Touch Panel. The new MacBook trackpad "Multi-touch" so named because it has lots of features. It has lots of chunks of memory which continuously monitor your actions and can perform many tricks and commands. The touchpad is made as a silky smooth surface of glass that transmits pleasant fingertips. Comfortable keyboard that your fingers will love. Keyboard – is designed to be extremely responsive to your touch. It is very convenient if you are typing a quick e-mail or write a long message. Also, the keyboard is equipped with multimedia keys that allow you to quickly access music and video applications, as well as Mac os X. There are three line of notebooks apple: Macbook Macbook pro Macbook air Each of these laptops are designed for a specific purpose, but one thing they share is to bring comfort and joy to their owners.