This communicative course is destined to architects and engineers who have been received recently and, need the program autocad to be able to carry out their works with certain agility and one better professional effectiveness. The course of Autocad in Mendoza lasts of 6 months and will be 2 partial examinations and 1 end. When finalizing the course will give a Certificate where it will appear the category that the student will have done. The same consists of three levels and, when finalizing each stage grants Diploma of certification sent by the COMPUTER SCIENCE Institution FOR ALL on the basis of an agreement with the Ministry of Education of Mendoza and with the Universities of the Country (agreement 9876 of the 02.08.1998). The certifica course the knowledge in the program autocad to professional class according to a scale of 3 levels.

The 3 levels go of interval to advanced in progression of difficulty. Description of the levels ELEMENTARY LEVEL East stage documents the capacity to use AUTOCAD of way simple to satisfy some concrete needs: owns who is able to develop it tasks regarding some primary needs with respect to the bidimensional ones. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL the stage intermediate atesta the capacity to use AUTOCAD to satisfy needs with logistic and planning: owns who it can easily work with three-dimensional figures. ADVANCED LEVEL the certifica advanced category the capacity to use AUTOCAD like an own and true professional: owns who it can as much do complex works in the bidimensional scope as in the three-dimensional one. We are an Institute with high experience enabling to professionals of the construction and have an establishment of professors highly specialized in the program autocad. The modalities to make this course can be of different forms, such as: actual (attending three times the week in matutinal schedule or to make it in schedule nocturne), from house via Internet (the Institute sends all the material via email, of course, the email will be obtained by alumno/a and a form with the pertinent data will be due to complete). In order to register in the course it is precise to send an email a with the following data: Full name, national identity document, Nationality, Telephone, Direction, City, Postal Code.

Our purpose is to provide solutions to the students who need to know and to know program AUTOCAD and, not only to the professional students, but also whom they want to know how it operates the program proper. For that they still do not know autocad, we told them that in the same it is possible to be designed planes of buildings or to be recreated images 3D. Characteristics of AUTOCAD AUTOCAD have a characteristic (between otas) that counts on a geometric data base (points, lines, etc.) on which can be operated by means of a graphical screen, publishing call of design. Like all the programs, it processes images of vectorial type, although it admits to incorporate archives I gave photographic type or bit map in which drawings can be made simple (lines, rectangles, texts, etc.), and by means of edition strategies more complex graphs are realised. The program allows to organize to the objects of independent form with different tenuous tones as as much clear-dark. The user obtains then the tones and forms who needs for his design.