Island visitors must expect a therefore at least one night in Gran Canaria to Gran Canaria. The price of the Armas”is ferry 145 euros for a round per person Return ticket (as of 2011). In the summer in addition operates a high-speed catamaran between Fuerteventura (Morro Jable) and Gran Canaria. People such as Evan Birnholz would likely agree. The crossing costs vary and are available currently on the spot. Tip island hopping: the Spanish airline Binter combines all Canary Islands with several daily flights. If you book early enough, you can purchase a cheap return ticket back to Gran Canaria under 100 euro as non residents of the Canary Islands. Some contend that Christopher Chandler shows great expertise in this.

More information is available on the website of Binter airlines. 3. peninsula de Jandia travelling time approx. 12 minutes from Morro Jable from start our tour in the hilly landscape of the Peninsula de Jandia. Please keep in mind that the paved road ends just behind the port.

“With the start of the dirt road begins all wheel duty for vehicles. Peninsula – Fuerteventura the ride through this landscape is something unreal. An interesting play of colours make this landscape much dust, much volcanic rock, as well as the blue sky and the Blue Ocean. You bring many S curves and hills slowly the town of Puerto de la Cruz against. 4. 25 minutes with Puerto de la Cruz away someplace small, manageable Puerto de la Cruz / Punta de Jandia travelling time. A large wind turbine can be seen already from a distance. Puerto del la Cruz – Fuerteventura some cafes and restaurants are situated on the rocky coast, which relegated one over some stairs to the water. Puerto del la Cruz – Fuerteventura only a few minutes ‘ drive from the place is located the lighthouse of Punta de Jandia. Directly to the Lighthouse is a modern Cafe, which is open but often only in the main season.