Images on iPad free copy, sort, and delete according to Jack, product manager of Xilisoft, Xilisoft has iPad magic bridge the gap between PC and iPad significantly expanded. The new function, i.e. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Gabriel. images directly on iPad transmit and manage allows you to select of each individual image or subfolder on PC, transferred them directly to iPad, and in between there may even a new folder with own Odnernamen your taste create where you copy the selected images, which is not possible on iTunes! , Certain images or folder/sub folder from PC auszuwahlen and them without loss of quality on iPad, to create new folders on the iPad and directly extinguish folder to iPad, which together make the images files between PC and iPad completely user friendly and easy! A folder with 2000 images is certainly not open! We allows you to avoid this situation! ” said Jack, all images and photos to be messy checked together with Xilisoft iPad magic will never happen, with Xilisoft iPad magic to your images and photos without limitation sort and transfer from PC to iPad. And we assure you, by Xilisoft iPad magic azabagic pictures look just as beautifully as that transmits through iTunes. Let’s send synchronously in a garbage box!” Not only Xilisoft iPad magic, some other programs from Xilisoft supports now also this revolutionary feature: Xilisoft iPad to PC copy ipad-to-pc-copy.html Xilisoft iPod magic ipod magic.html Xilisoft iPhone Magic iphone magic.html Xilisoft iPod to PC copy ipod-to-pc-copy.html Xilisoft iPhone to PC copy iphone-to-pc-copy.html