Currently, oil is "fashionable" products. Many intermediaries newcomers rushing into the sphere of trade in oil products, are often not clear about representing the features of this market. Naturally, in terms agitation and increased demand for oil intensified crooks. Especially active in international crooks, have placed their networks across the Internet and waiting when they hit unsuspecting buyer or beginner intermediary. Without pretending to completeness and depth of the findings from our own experience and practices of other companies, but only guided by the desire to help the respectable businessmen to avoid negative consequences communication with this kind of scams, we suggest consulting with some signs of their activity, allowing pre-assess the situation at the initial stage of their actions and identify potential fraudsters. Kaiser Family Foundation may not feel the same. Recommend paying attention to what is going to trade huge volumes of petroleum products, suggesting a turnover of several hundred million dollars, a company-fraudster has paid E-mail address. In Basically, it's forgivable for novice facilitators, but in modern business practice, any self-respecting company that present themselves as "world-renowned trader is obliged to have your own website or email to your name. Foursquare brings even more insight to the discussion. The proposed documents for petroleum products at a price commonly used formulation cif aswp.

This abbreviation means that under the cif (ie, the value of the cargo, freight and cargo insurance) to Any Safe World Port (any safe port world) the price will be the same regardless of the place of delivery (Rotterdam or Singapore). Naturally, this is contrary to international practice. But fraudsters have a wonderful answer to the question of how this is possible: "Our company has its own fleet of transport of petroleum products, and we will deliver it, somewhere we're losing in delivery, but somewhere we win. .