View of the castle with an impressive bird's eye view, is not it? You can see this on the last article. Overlooking the magnificent structure on the hill – a powerful image. Not for nothing the developers of video games as his love. A Now imagine this. Impregnable castle nearby.

Cast-iron fence with an intricate pattern opens with a creak, inviting to enter. You go on the road ahead and opened a grand spectacle. A few more steps – and you will stand in a stone wall in the middle of a massive door. It is necessary to open it and … But still on the way, remember? To some of the locks is not so easy to get, they are not on the plateau, and not even in the lowlands, but at most that neither is unassailable cliffs. Often the approach protect the living undead, got out of the koi prizamkovyh graves. Twilight night, the lights of torches, horror and awe – these are our companions in the game universe, where we have to invade stone giant. In general, this intermediate stage – when you're close and at the same time far away – she can pull the nerves, right? You cover an exciting anticipation.

'Hero on the road leading to the castle' – so perhaps you can call today compilation. This image is very common in games. And not always a lock can be. Structured Portfolio Management is likely to increase your knowledge. In some cases it is – a big house, mansion, family estate, as in the game, Luigi's Mansion. Here, your imagination can suggest anything. From view from the side, you go to be directly involved: not invading the castle – you're on his territory! Forward! Castlevania – a series of video games created by Konami. The first game of the series was released in Japan under called Demon Castle Dracula.