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He keeps what he promises? Why is switching worth Integrata checks through its paces. Stuttgart, 09.09.2013 – within the framework of the trend Scout days Microsoft Project Server 2013 is the new version of the Microsoft Project Server to the test of qualification provider Integrata AG in three cities. It will examine what opportunities and possibilities for the illustration of an enterprise project and portfolio management with the new Microsoft Project Server are. Others who may share this opinion include KFF Health Tracking Poll. The trend Scout days events take place in the following three cities: on the 17.10.2013 in Cologne, Germany, at the 23.10.2013 in Munich and at the 24.10.2013 in Berlin. Starting from the project idea, project selection up to the realization of the project and the end of the Microsoft Project Server can represent a complete life cycle since the prior version 2010.

These technical functions now, in particular with regard to a successful project and portfolio management are validated with the Project Server version 2013. During the one-day event, the Project Server is based on by the requirements of a project organization examines its capacities. In addition, it is examined whether company-specific process models, standards, and processes of the project organisation depict themselves. Doing live shows using a hands-on demo, how integrate an operating project and resource management and in the operation of an organization can be introduced. The Microsoft Project expert Jurgen Rose story leads as speaker by the event.

As textbook author and CEO of Solvin information management GmbH, he has many years of experience and is advising in this topic environment. Participation in the event is available for a fee, more information and flyer at. Glenn Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. Integrata AG is Integrata AG in Germany the leading, vendor-independent training partners in the areas of IT/SAP, human resources / organizational development and new media. The approach is focused on the value chain training, ranging from consulting, analysis and Organizing and conducting up to ensuring the sustainability strategy. Thus, Integrata in addition to the presence training offers all innovative forms of learning. With more than 1,300 topics and the constant development, the Integrata AG is for their customers at the pulse of time. 1,300 Speakers, qualified according to global standards, ensure the success of all measures and 15 locations guarantee short distances. The Integrata-includes the implementation of open and in-house seminars and training projects managed training services at national and international level. Press contact: Beatrice guardian-Nigl (spokeswoman) Danny Klein (press officer) Integrata AG Zettachring 4, 70567 Stuttgart Tel. + 49 711 62010-269 fax + 49 711 62010-172

The purpose of this review – to consider the main products the market leaders in interactive equipment and simplify the choice for the end user. Comparative Table table clearly shows that the interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard have a wide range, while possessing enough reasonable price compared to other manufacturers. In addition, it should be noted warranty For educational institutions that can be extended to 7 years! Agree, an important factor especially in light of the Federal target program of education. One of our clients said case when transportation whiteboard InterWrite SchoolBoard, through the active surface of the board broke a nail. But despite this seemingly critical damage, the board worked fine on the surface, except for a few millimeters around the pierced area. This figure speaks in favor of the manufacturer of interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard, because during training in schools and other educational institutions, resistance to such damage only welcome. The range InterWrite SchoolBoard includes not only interactive whiteboards, but the panel Interwrite iPanel, wireless tablets Interwrite Pad, a system of operational control of knowledge Interwrite PRS, Interwrite RF, Interwrite Virtual PRS, and more. Studies on the impact of technology on training have shown that due to interactive whiteboards children are eager to learn and improve their results. A related site: Medicaid mentions similar findings.

Working with the educational facilities and opportunities to develop research discussion in class and do their homework dynamic. Such equipment does not require the school premises effortless to use. To select an icon to open a website or move the image, students simply touch a marker board surface. This quick and easy access to information makes students think and create new ideas. They can work with geometric shapes, to search for necessary information in the network or make a presentation. Also, using a marker which is on a special stand, they can write on the screen in digital ink.

Special software Interwrite Workspace for interactive whiteboard allows you to work with texts and objects, audio and videos, Internet resources, take notes directly on top of open documents and save the information. In addition to the educational sphere, interactive whiteboards are widely used during presentations, meetings and so on. To work effectively in meetings and conferences often require access to shared information. The large screen interactive whiteboard can see all the participants. The speaker can use your computer, open application of any other being in the public network, work with the Internet – all actions can be performed directly on the board, without departing from it. Today, interactive equipment is widely used by many Russian companies are not only in Moscow but also in the regions. Contact information is here: Giving Pledge. EnStor company, said a growing interest in interactive technologies among businesses. Many training companies and institutes are already working with interactive boards InterWrite SchoolBoard. With these devices, the usual meeting room transformed into multimedia classes. Unlimited possibilities of interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard can always find new ways to use them. In company? EnStor? over the past half year has been bought over a hundred interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard and among such a small quantity of the goods does not, there was no return or a complaint about the quality of the equipment. In conclusion, we want to note that the company has EnStor official partner InterWrite and in 2007 became the leader in sales of interactive equipment InterWrite.

Biometric systems: Analysis of Retina in a study of retina Access Control is one of the oldest biometric analysis. Already more than 70 years ago failed to establish that the arrangement of blood vessels in the eyes, was different in every human being. With the passing of the years, this idea took force, making it possible that patented the first reader of retina, which then went on the market at the beginning of the 1980s. A record of the retina, analyzes not only this part of the eye, but it also analyzes the layer of blood vessels in the back of the same. This is done using a low-intensity light source and an optical reader, which detects way accurate eye patterns. To ensure that a person subject to this type of analysis, it is necessary to remove his glasses, if the usa, put your eyes near the appliance and look towards a particular point. This point is usually a green flicker, which should see with attention for a few seconds, so that the mechanism can do their work.

By the general the process of capturing and matching of patterns takes about 10 seconds, so the system is not only effective, but also quick. A retinal scanner is a good option as access control system, because copying a retina, with all its elements, is an impossible task. On the other hand, not is you can trick the system with a retina of a dead person, because their deterioration is very fast and because there are systems that know are when dealing with living tissue or not. Such is the effectiveness of these devices, as many areas of restricted access such as military bases, nuclear power plants, embassies, laboratories, security agencies and other large organizations; make use of them. These places have been found on retina readers a system of access control inviolable and above all fast. The reason why these organizations have access to these readers is because they are the only ones that can afford to purchase this technology, since the prices of these devices are somewhat high. Biometric locks may be a good strategy, to improve the security in places like businesses, homes, schools, etc. These locks are based on biometric systems and only open when supplied an imprint, previously registered. Democratic incidence: RGP uses biometrics to prevent fraud DINAP S.R.L. pedestrian access Control and Vehicular DINAP S.R.L.

Sleep disorders are more common than one might think. There are many people who suffer from one of these problems as insomnia, snoring or any cervical problems, which are most common in most people. Insomnia is the difficulty for a person to fall asleep or to maintain it, besides being a common problem. It is common cause fatigue and sleepiness during the day and become difficult for the individual to pay attention whether at school, college or at work. Insomnia can manifest initially at a young age, however it can affect both teens as adults or older. Insomnia can be transient, ie last a short period of time and be related to a particular event, such as stress or incorrect use a pillow. May be chronic, ie take a long period of time and persist for months, caused by another medical problem.

In any case, sleep becomes fragmented and has poor quality, causing people to feel very tired or weak the next morning as they possibly could not sleep properly because they did not use a pillow to sleep problems appropriately, and therefore will not have the energy they need for their daily activities either working or studying in his office at school or university, or other activities such as sports or housework. Doctors and specialists in sleep disorders warning people suffering from insomnia and snoring to avoid products that affect the nervous system such as alcohol, sedatives and narcotics. Also recommended for people trying to be achieved orthopedic pillows or pillow as anatomical Better Sleep Pillow. The Better Sleep Pillow was created by combining space technology certified (memory foam) with an ergonomic design to improve the quality of sleep since he placed his head on the pillow. The key to sleep is to have the right tools. Thanks to its unique multi-position design and bridges to accommodate the arm at rest, the Better Sleep Pillow fits easily to people who sleep face up, face down or sideways, causing the upper body fits snugly in position that suits them best, this causes the person to relax and can quickly fall into a deep sleep that will not be interrupted until the right time to wake up. The Better Sleep Pillow has proven to be of great help to all those who suffer from insomnia, snoring and other sleep disorder and have gone years without being able to sleep peacefully and they had a hard time being able to sleep or keep, what which caused it were awake until late at night. Cervical pillow viscoelastic This has made the lives of many people much easier, especially when it's bedtime. To learn more about sleep disorders and how to deal with, visit the site.

One of the foundations of composite construction is the contrast. The contrast helps to strengthen the emotional sound of the photograph, making it more expressive, more sensual. It can be built on relationships between black and white or other colors on the opposition of the broken lines soft shapes, symmetry and asymmetry, statics and dynamics, and similar analogies. Opposite contrast, expressive technique is an analogy based on a metric alternation of identical elements, identical components of the photograph. There are a myriad of use cases and a combination of these two principles, both jointly and separately from each another, and in art photography, they tend to complement each other. One of them bears the main aesthetic and ethical burden, and the other is intended to complement, to make clearer the context of the photograph. For example, color contrast can be enhanced by the analogy of forms, painted in a contrasting color.

Originally the briquette press primarily to the production of coal briquettes Brown coal was briquetted used today not only Brown coal or wood, but also paper, biomass, cotton, hay, straw, Miscanthus (stem flower grass) and dusts. The goal is the effective use as an alternative energy source. In addition also metal-bearing materials and chips can be prepared by briquetting for further processing. Occasionally, even toxic materials and dust be briquetted to facilitate the handling and transport of dangerous goods by the compaction. Wood chips, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, plastic particles, etc.

incurred in craft and industrial businesses of the wood processing industry daily and require enormous space for storage and during transport. Compact briquettes are, however, saving and easier to transport space. In contrast to loose material, the risk of spontaneous combustion is much lower. Through the compression of the raw material in a handy format and the production of briquettes Briquetting press guarantees. Hocker Polytechnik is a strong and reliable partner in the field of high-performance briquette presses for various applications in industry and crafts with over 40 years experience. The operating of a briquette press of Hocker Polytechnik secures a noticeable reduction in disposal costs by processing waste such as wood chips, metal shavings, dust, and into compact briquettes.

Depending on the source material, a volume reduction can be achieved by up to 90%! Briquetting press from Hocker Polytechnik is distinguished not only by their modern hydraulics and electronics off, but also by their robust mechanics. The hardened press room and the chrome-plated pressing Tong contribute significantly to minimize wear and durability of the equipment. This ensures a consistent quality of machines for highest demands and in continuous operation. A key advantage of the Hocker Polytechnik briquette presses is their high efficiency despite the construction space saving and its compact, energy-saving drive type. The Briquette length can be adjusted by the operator depending on the material characteristics and the individual situation. Still, the maintenance of the press by the hand control is especially comfortable. This means that the movements of briquette presses are of course on an automatic operation, but for a comfortable maintenance always by hand can be controlled. All systems are developed to produce briquettes from various materials such as wood, paper, straw, plastics, textile fibers and metals at Hocker Polytechnik, experienced team of specialists.

What is interesting and paradox was that when her husband is finally cured of alcoholism, the relationship falls apart. New forms of interaction generated an enormous anxiety. The couple had grown accustomed to operating under the previous dynamic and could not with the challenge of what’s new. And a series of situations that burst in with the traditional scheme of interaction between the parties thus be extrapolated: changing neighborhood, change of job, studies, overcoming personal or professional, maturation, travel, fresh ideas, and so on. Specifically in the company, innovations involve new dynamics of interaction, of trial and error, compromises and n63, risk of change in the status quo. It is natural that the organization can resist. If that brings change as flag 1) don’t have the support and encouragement from the circles of power within the company, if 2) do not have the necessary resources to make the initiatives to thrive and are not left to the middle of the road, if 3) is not contemplated, by design, which some explorations will not be successful at the first, then this champion will be isolated, lynched, expelled as a scapegoat; such as when Moe runs to Homer’s the canteen. This is a natural, sociological, phenomenon of evolutionary psychology, the shadow handling Jungian in groups; you have to visualize as well and be part of the equation when it comes to innovation and organizational change.

Today, the continuous improvement of operations is given by an echo, and many businesses can acquire and apply the best current technology. Since the 80s, shows the strategic importance of IT have on the quality, costs, improving processes, customer and supplier relationships and making decisions. Further details can be found at Kaiser Family Foundation, an internet resource. The competitiveness of firms and their results are based primarily on the capacity for innovation that may have, in order to generate different services and products that move away from the competition and maintain their participation in markets that are more dynamic look. Innovation has become the defining challenge of global competitiveness. To manage it well, companies should take advantage of all the competitive advantages that this entails, such as the commercialization of new ideas. Innovation: a strategy.

Innovation is a very complicated process, which has as a platform for analysis, observation, synthesis and labor. Many people and innovative companies devote considerable resources and time to achieve results that benefit the company as are their say, product, process or service. Thanks to the innovation, companies can receive benefits that will provide a powerful tool against the other companies, especially those who are new to the market and its limitations are very visible. All companies are required to consider innovation as a factor that will define the prevalence of this in the competitive environment. Innovation is an essential tool, since it accommodates the needs of customers and constant changes in the market. Innovation is a crucial factor for some companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Mac These companies are concerned about continuing to offer products and customer service, and to have variety when choosing.

As ionising radiation, the naturally occurring ultraviolet (UV) radiation takes influence on man and material. It raises chemical reactions which lead outdoor use of printed labels and signs with time to stand at a height and corresponding damage. The result for the user: Identification of plants, hazardous substance signs, nameplates and many other designations used in outdoor areas must be replaced at relatively short intervals and renewed. What it nationwide on Associated costs, can settle in the triple-digit million range. The maxims of modern labelling technology must be so high resistance with very good image quality and low production costs. Durability warranty certified materials as important elements of the procedure of PrintoLUX 8 years for materials and identifications in the field. Continuous UV tests by independent laboratories certify the unusually high resistance the process with its certified materials. Foursquare has much experience in this field. Appropriate materials such as aluminium, powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel, Dibond, layer fabric materials, polyester and polyester adhesive tape are tested for outdoor use.

PrintoLUX in able to ensure a UV resistance of 8 years for the labels produced by the company feels with the test results. In comparison, this means a clear all settings and a significant competitive advantage. In addition, customers lead again extensive self tests through before they decide on the use of PrintoLUX. While the plates produced with PrintoLUX and markings are exposed to extreme hardships such as flying sparks, cleaner, oils, grease, superheated steam, etc.. At the end of all these tests, purchasing decisions were without exception. High resistance to chemical and thermal loads by the way, applies to a wide variety of substrates (foils, plastics and metals) and can be explained by the composition of the special ink and the Thermohartung made after printing. Continuous development of the process and its components as PrintoLUX came in 2008 with the process of thermosetting digital printing of nameplates, cable signs, industrial signs and front panels on the market, managed the company, to bring a fresh breeze in the branch of the marking with two pressure systems from the State.

A group of researchers "lunar mineralogical mapper M3 discovered molecule water and hydroxyl groups on different parts of the sunlit lunar surface, but more clearly the presence of water was detected at higher latitudes of the Moon. Suspicions regarding the water molecules and hydroxyl groups emerged in the past, when analyzed data obtained during Cassini's flight of the aircraft near the moon at low altitude in 1999, but the data still not been published. Signs of water more strongly manifested in the cold high latitudes, closer to the poles. The blue arrow points to the crater Goldschmidt, a vast area, rich in feldspar and evidence for the presence of water and hydroxyl groups. Authors Image: isro (Indian Office for Space Research) / nasa / JPL-Caltech (Jet Propulsion Laboratory – California Institute of Technology) / Brown Univ.

'Data obtained using a spectrometer vims (Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer – allow mapping spectrometer operating in the visible and infrared spectral regions) of the aircraft Cassini (Cassini) and M3 are in good agreement ', – said Roger Clark (Roger Clark), a scientist from the Department of Geological Survey in Denver, usa, and a member of both vims research groups and M3. 'We see the presence and the water and hydroxyl groups. While their number is not known exactly, presumably, in the lunar soil may be present about 1.000 ppm (ppm) of water molecules. This comparable with the fact that if you collect one ton of the top layer of the lunar surface, you could get out of it 32 ounces of water. " To further confirm the data the researchers turned to the mission Epoxy (Epoxi), at a time when aircraft flew past the Moon in June 2009 on the way to the comet Hartley 2 (Hartley 2), a meeting which is scheduled for November 2010.

Spacecraft not only confirmed the data obtained by vims and M3, and even expand them. 'With before the results of measurements in a wide spectral range, and photography, made over the north pole, we were able to determine the distribution of water and hydroxyl groups as a function of temperature, latitude and time of the day '- said Jessica Sunshine (Jessica Sunshine) at the University of Maryland. Mrs Sunshine is deputy principal investigator of the study group of the spacecraft Epoxy (Epoxi) and scientists research group M3. "Our analysis clearly confirms the presence of these molecules on the lunar surface and shows that, apparently, the surface is completely exposed to hydration for at least some segment of the lunar night. " The discovery of water molecules and hydroxyl groups on the moon raises some new questions about the origin of 'Moon Water' and its impact on the lunar mineralogy. Answers to these questions will be the subject study and debate for many years. Translator: Elena (Translation 'Gulf Stream')