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'Suspended' floors can also be realized by means of reinforced concrete beams, based on the supporting wall. Credit: Florida International University-2011. In between the beams stacked blocks. Over blocks and beams running screed with a minimum thickness of 75 mm. On screed is laid membrane and extruded polystyrene foam (eg, Primaplex). Then, through the cushioning layer laid finish flooring. There are several ways to accommodate insulation: under the floor over the entire area, along the edges of plate horizontally along the edges of plates vertically from the inside.

Choosing insulation Key criteria when selecting insulation for the floors along the ground: the thermal conductivity. Must take into account long-term indicators, which is expected to have insulation at the end of life of the building (approximately 25 years) water absorption. This indicator should be as low as possible, for example, less than 0,5% by volume during the entire period of service; strength at 10 percent strain, water vapor permeability. This indicator is required for the risk of condensation installation simplicity and environmental friendliness: easy, clean material that is easily cut to the desired size, is not dangerous for health workers. The best indicators listed above, has a thermal insulation made from extruded polystyrene, in particular, plates Primaplex. The table shows the main characteristics of plates Primaplex. Primaplex light standard Primaplex 35 45 standard standard Primaplex compressive strength at 10 percent deformation, kPa, not less than 150,250,400 Nominal density, kg/m3 30 35 45 Thermal conductivity W / m C 0.028 0.029 0.030 Water absorption, 30 days,%, max 0,4 0,4 0,4 Scope Standard load capacities – Housing Average load capacities – Offices High load capacities – industrial facilities, warehouses Floor heating insulation is especially important on the ground floor when we are dealing with heated floors.

Something to consider is that there is a statistic that says 50% of businesses close in the first three years. 40% close within the next five years. And Only 10% succeed. Although it is a simple statistic, I do not think that is very far from reality. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Austin Apartments by clicking through. The new revolution in business E-Commerce As I always do, let us define as wikipedia: E-commerce (the anglicized Electronic Commerce) is to buy and sell products or services over electronic systems such and other computer networks. Visit Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for more clarity on the issue.

The exchange conducted electronically has grown dramatically since the classification of the Internet. It’s definitely a real business that moves goods and services directly to end public, global, and where every day, every minute, add hundreds of thousands of people. On one side are those who bring new offers and proposals and the other those who seek and apply new products and services. With a constant evolution and growth, continuous and endless in terms of products and demands of them. Some major differences between traditional business and traditional business E-Commerce is a need for capital is necessary clearances, permits and registrations. Fixed costs can not avada’re tied to a schedule of care costs generally permanent employees need remodeling and renovation of stock in many cases it is necessary sell to credit (increased risk).

You hardly get clients to teach you to open branches spread out (investment money) do not have the free time E-Commerce No accounts receivable accounts payable No No rentals With little inventory No employees No fixed costs With local minimum investment for all types of people also be done from your home can sell all over the world Well, it’s just a small sample, but you can clearly see the main differences between them. Sometimes a mere fact that a simple information is sufficient to trigger our response and that’s enough to make a decision.

The technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, we want people to live with it, is in our lives, a constant presence renewed and surprising, which gives us opportunities and new things all the time. It is responsible for that man has obtained a better quality of life. The technology imposes its presence and assigns new patterns, new rules and new trends. One of these new trends is clearly the Trade Electronic (E-Commerce) is the global revolution in the business world: With internet broke down barriers, jumped the walls and magnifies the open and direct communication worldwide, and this formidable power of this new media gives us way of doing business emerged from new technologies.

Finally, technology is here, at your disposal. These new possibilities are within your reach, but yet are so close and so biased that you have in your own hands on the keyboard that is now before you. Just spend a little more time and find what you’re looking for. Good luck!

The 5 sleeping places divided into a double sofa bed and three single beds, 1 bathroom with shower. The Villa is situated on the top of a gentle Hill with a nice view. The area is very quiet. Around in the garden around the House, there are many different flowers, roses, geraniums and hydrangeas that delight both the eye and the mind. It is the ideal place to relax in the shade of the Linden or the Sun on the edge of the beautiful, large private swimming pool 13 x 6 m to Sun, which is also night lit and equipped with every comfort: Deckchair, sunbed reserved solarium area garden table and chairs shower WC cabin aboard the pools are there is a heated Jacuzzi bathtub for five adults. PRICES 2011: High season weekly price (July & August): 3,350 EUR off-season weekly price: 2,150-2,600 USD link to the Villa:… About the place: Lucca is a city of art in northern Tuscany, just a few kilometres from Pisa. It is located approx.

20 km in the Serchio River Valley northeast of Pisa and 20 km east of the Tuscan Coast. Visit the medieval Lucca, their churches and famous wall, as well as the Apuan Alps and the typical villages of the Garfagnana. RESERVATIONS: Ms. Paola Corsi Immobilienmaklerin agency my holiday home in Lucca E-mail (de, en, it): website in English: Facebook profile: PaolCorsifromLucca agency my holiday home in Lucca of the Italian holiday home agent my holiday home in Lucca offers a small selection of holiday houses and apartments in the surroundings of Lucca in Tuscany, Italy. Our offer includes apartments, country houses, B & B’s in the city centre, farmhouses in the countryside around Lucca, villas, cottages.

You can spend your holiday in an “Agriturismo” in the hills of Lucca, or in a house near the Sea (coast of Versilia). Our rental properties are located in the historical centre of Lucca, in the beautiful hills around Lucca in Garfagnana Valley, close to the Sea close to the of Pisa of city of art and Viareggio. The Web page is in English. German is spoken.

The number of heating elements to be put in the design depends on the amount of concrete and the heated required for the electrical power. Each design should produce technological map. The duration of heating and curing of concrete, taking into account the actual time of its cooling can be determined from regular measurements of the temperature and current in the heating elements to be recorded in the log of concrete work and schedule of concrete hardening. Necessary Regular laboratory observations! Technical requirements in preparation for the heating elements electrical heating Finished place and install after the installation of fixtures, fixings and complete the electric fixtures. Heating elements should be no tension on the circumferential reinforcement cages or paving between the frames as they lay, and in the absence of reinforcement used inventory templates. Heating elements should not touch formwork and not to speak of concrete, not in contact with wooden fixtures that surround them concrete, if necessary, tie a rope to the fixture.

Conclusions of heating elements made of concrete should be increased in cross-section wire 2-3 times or connecting pieces of insulated aluminum wire with insulation in the cable in a plastic tube! Connect the heating elements to the findings of an inventory supply connections manufacture megger-tested. Necessary to ensure uniform loading phase substation low side! Technical requirements for electrical Heated can begin only after completion of concrete placement and location of all heating elements and the bottom of the conclusions in the concrete implementation of the safety instructions! In designs do well to measure the temperature! With the clamp to measure launcher current strength in all the heating elements during the testimony of the allowable start-up is necessary to lower the voltage on the network. Measurement of temperature and current to produce a 1:00 in the first three hours and then 1 time per shift to logging of concrete work. Design as possible to strengthen! Length should provide a set of electrical strength of concrete at least 50% of the marks laid concrete, which is determined by the test control samples or other methods. Safety instructions for heating the concrete 1. Heated concrete must comply with the requirements of safety and snip 111-4-80/gl.11 GOST12. 1.013-78 / – concrete and w / concrete work and electrical safety. 2.

Supervision of the implementation of safety and electrical safety need to put the order on the TDI, which has qualifying group on electrical safety at least fourth. 3. Installation of electrical and electric systems, monitoring their work and the inclusion of heating elements must comply with electricians, who have no qualification group below the third. Celina Dubin might disagree with that approach. 4. Workers in other fields, working on a post near the electrical and should be instructed on the rules of electric safety. Unauthorized persons in office during electrical avoid! 5. Post insulate electrical GOST 23407-78, equipped with warning lights and safety signs in accordance with GOST 12.026-76 and provide good lighting! When burnout warning lights must be switched off electrical network. 6. Connect the heating elements to perform at off the network. 7. Measurement of concrete temperature and strength of the current must carry out personnel with qualification group is not lower than the second.

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Both certifications require a much wider knowledge and overall exam are necessary here 5-8, to earn them. So far, an MCSE on Windows Server 2008 / R2 based is offered and is called private cloud MCSE. Newer MCSE offers are not yet available, but then in the future will be based on Windows Server 8 or other subjects (e.g. SQL Server). The certification to the MCSD for developers will be available with the next release of Visual Studio. Currently, this certification is still not acquirable.

Recertification / upgrade checks / releases the already acquired MCTS and MCITP will continue certifications for current technologies exist, but is expected to be with the advent of newer versions with the new Certifications replaced. For example there will be more no way for SQL Server 2008 from the middle of next year, to purchase the MCTS or MCITP. MCSA who has already earned an MCITP Windows Server administrator, automatically. It is so-called upgrade type for (almost) all existing MCTS, MCITP, and MCPD exams tests, to obtain the new certifications. In addition these are expected to automatically expanded to a MCSA, MCSE or MCSD, if the conditions are met. New releases for the latest technologies are scheduled as follows:-Windows 7 (client): Windows 8 (client) release in Q3/2012 and Q1/2013 – Windows Server 2008: Windows Server 8 release in Q3/2013 and Q1/2013 – SQL Server 2008: SQL Server 2012 certification already appeared – Visual Studio 2010: Visual Studio 2012 release date still unknown we will keep you informed about all innovations and accordingly revise our course offer in the next few months, as soon as all tests are available and the appropriate courses offered by Microsoft. Minerva UG Melanie kurz

What is interesting and paradox was that when her husband is finally cured of alcoholism, the relationship falls apart. New forms of interaction generated an enormous anxiety. The couple had grown accustomed to operating under the previous dynamic and could not with the challenge of what’s new. And a series of situations that burst in with the traditional scheme of interaction between the parties thus be extrapolated: changing neighborhood, change of job, studies, overcoming personal or professional, maturation, travel, fresh ideas, and so on. Specifically in the company, innovations involve new dynamics of interaction, of trial and error, compromises and n63, risk of change in the status quo. It is natural that the organization can resist. If that brings change as flag 1) don’t have the support and encouragement from the circles of power within the company, if 2) do not have the necessary resources to make the initiatives to thrive and are not left to the middle of the road, if 3) is not contemplated, by design, which some explorations will not be successful at the first, then this champion will be isolated, lynched, expelled as a scapegoat; such as when Moe runs to Homer’s the canteen. This is a natural, sociological, phenomenon of evolutionary psychology, the shadow handling Jungian in groups; you have to visualize as well and be part of the equation when it comes to innovation and organizational change.

A group of researchers "lunar mineralogical mapper M3 discovered molecule water and hydroxyl groups on different parts of the sunlit lunar surface, but more clearly the presence of water was detected at higher latitudes of the Moon. Suspicions regarding the water molecules and hydroxyl groups emerged in the past, when analyzed data obtained during Cassini's flight of the aircraft near the moon at low altitude in 1999, but the data still not been published. Signs of water more strongly manifested in the cold high latitudes, closer to the poles. The blue arrow points to the crater Goldschmidt, a vast area, rich in feldspar and evidence for the presence of water and hydroxyl groups. Authors Image: isro (Indian Office for Space Research) / nasa / JPL-Caltech (Jet Propulsion Laboratory – California Institute of Technology) / Brown Univ.

'Data obtained using a spectrometer vims (Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer – allow mapping spectrometer operating in the visible and infrared spectral regions) of the aircraft Cassini (Cassini) and M3 are in good agreement ', – said Roger Clark (Roger Clark), a scientist from the Department of Geological Survey in Denver, usa, and a member of both vims research groups and M3. 'We see the presence and the water and hydroxyl groups. While their number is not known exactly, presumably, in the lunar soil may be present about 1.000 ppm (ppm) of water molecules. This comparable with the fact that if you collect one ton of the top layer of the lunar surface, you could get out of it 32 ounces of water. " To further confirm the data the researchers turned to the mission Epoxy (Epoxi), at a time when aircraft flew past the Moon in June 2009 on the way to the comet Hartley 2 (Hartley 2), a meeting which is scheduled for November 2010.

Spacecraft not only confirmed the data obtained by vims and M3, and even expand them. 'With before the results of measurements in a wide spectral range, and photography, made over the north pole, we were able to determine the distribution of water and hydroxyl groups as a function of temperature, latitude and time of the day '- said Jessica Sunshine (Jessica Sunshine) at the University of Maryland. Mrs Sunshine is deputy principal investigator of the study group of the spacecraft Epoxy (Epoxi) and scientists research group M3. "Our analysis clearly confirms the presence of these molecules on the lunar surface and shows that, apparently, the surface is completely exposed to hydration for at least some segment of the lunar night. " The discovery of water molecules and hydroxyl groups on the moon raises some new questions about the origin of 'Moon Water' and its impact on the lunar mineralogy. Answers to these questions will be the subject study and debate for many years. Translator: Elena (Translation 'Gulf Stream')

The restriction of resources of knowledge, the lack of ummercado internal of great transport generates the dependence to the markets external what um impedes to the development of a nation. To the availability economic deinfra-structure as energy, transport and communication, as well as aexistncia of polar regions of territorially bemdistribudos growth and development and the existence of potential of endogenous development or localem all the regions are basic elements for the promotion regional dodesenvolvimento. The internal and external factors esocial economic development of one country, state or region need to be identified and to be stimulated. On the basis of the boarded characteristics of the bahian economy in this article, can-seatribuir the absence of an industrial structure with raised competitiveness, me – the distribution of the industrial polar regions in the state and other factors comoinibidores of the development. Moreover, to observe a low potential endogenous dedesenvolvimento. In addition, if it makes necessary a civilorganizada society and operating, as well as the performance of labor unions the interests of the majority of the population eutornem possible. CONCLUSION the Bahia is the sixth richer state of Brazil, being atrsapenas of the State of So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande Do Sul eParan.

However it has a frightful social inaquality, adding the lack depolticas public come back toward its overcoming. The extreme poverty of the Bahia fazcom that it is the 5mais needy in ranking of the federative units doBrasil. The governmental politics of development implementadasno they had been capable to foment the deconhecimentos human resources, and generating resources. Being imported such resources, of the regions more desenvolvidasdo country to supply the necessities of qualified man power for the PloPetroqumicode Camaari in the decade of 70 and for implementation of the automotivada industry Ford. Moreover the physical resources had not been well aproveitadoseconomicamente.

The Bahia also not to possess capital for investment the expansoeconmica in the second half of century XX if processed thanks to the investimentosoriundos of other parts of Brazil and the exterior. Important efforts to disconcentrate and to diversify odesenvolvimento must serobjeto of polticasprioritrias, through programasdestinados to create ways and conditions for reduction them inaqualities regionaisda Bahia. One becomes necessary to establish politics of attraction of investimentosque they create new dosinvestimentos economic spaces and they promote the desconcentrao. The state must be present to guarantee infra-estruturaeconmica and social that the mercadono can offer and that it is basic for ainduo of private projects, beyond carrying through investments in education to efacilitar financings of long stated period. REFERENCES a proposal for the State of the Bahia. Article Technician 01/99, Nov. 1999. Available Promotion a proposal for the State of the Bahia.pdf.Acesso in (15 of sea de2009.

The League of Heroes – Multiplayer browser based online role-playing game, absolutely free of charge and open to all. This is a game that unites people looking fabulous adventure. This is a game in which everyone can become a real Hero. From the history of the world world, as we all well know, is flat, being located on a piece of shell, the Dragon-Grandparent. All known argue that it consists of a single land on all sides, except the South, washed circuitous sea. On the south the land back to its leaves in unsteady moisture bogs, and that for them – nobody knows.

Description Enter a world of peace Ledrak, you will find: – a full-fledged fantasy world with its own geography and related, based on game events of history – a unique system of fighting based on an intuitive and enjoyable recognizable game – two systems of character development: military and economic – allowing to reach Success in those areas that are most close to you – a lot of guilds, professions, and interesting classes, quests, tournaments, events, and much more – something that will make your new life is exciting and memorable. Game features: – Huge game world – large and wide variety resursovoe system – A huge number of interesting and diverse quests – tournaments, marathons, mazes, mobs, PvP; – Clans, forts, castles – Mysterious swamps and ruins – A large number of things which you can select an individual version of the buildup; fight the battle system is as follows: You and your opponent put up a fight one of his followers. Victorious sequence causes damage to the opponent. Also, if your character has a nonzero magic attack, then there is a chance to deal an additional blow to the enemy. The battle continues as long as fighting does not end or health, or followers, or one of the participants did not lose a timeout. Additional information on the Internet game since 2004. Standing in the online game players 800-1000 The game does not require a subscription fee or mandatory installation of special software. The game has a "Guest Login". Site: