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Mechanical vibration stress keeping our bones stable Dr. Frank Frebel held a lecture on the topic of “Whole-body vibration as innovative treatment option for osteoporosis” by medicalsportconsulting at the invitation of Mr. Prof. Dr. To read more click here: Ron Wood. Schieker on 28 9th 2010 in the Osteological focus Center (OSZ) of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. Under the attentive listeners the clinic Director of the surgical were clinic and policlinic Prof. Dr. Mick Jagger can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Mutschler, senior chief doctors of the OSZ’s Prof. Dr. Schieker and Prof. Dr. Gartner, as well as the attending of physical therapy Dr. Winkelmann and others. In his speech Mr Dr. Frebel first explained the biomechanical and physiological principles of the effect of mechanical vibration stimulation on multiple body tissues and organs.

The positive effects of a controlled and skillful vibration training on bone tissue, as well as the neuromuscular performance are now established on the basis of numerous studies sufficient evidence-based and open a potential treatment for traumatized or weakened connective tissue structures. Osteoporosis patients can generate exactly the high muscle tension and stress stimuli through vibration training that are necessary and required for the preservation or the rebuilding of bone tissue, which is possible only through a very injury-prone training with high additional loads or through high-impact sports. The vibration exercise as an overall gentle, but at the same time effective and osteoanaboles can be seen by the close functional connection between muscle and bone tissue, and that also promotes the neuromuscular responsiveness in terms of an improved fall prevention. After the scientific literature increasingly documented the bone building and bone-sparing effect of vibration training, though at the moment still the corresponding clear explanations for the conclusion of the corresponding results are missing. In this context, the present physician of the surgical clinic and Polyclinic of the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich were extremely interested in and will discuss possible relevant research projects in the near future.

Selection of earrings with Swarovski stones for each type of woman Swarovski earrings – always a good gift idea. These earrings are ideal to be combined with everything. Adjust to any outfit. Whether wearing just jeans and there is a casual vintage T-Shirt, always a few Swarovski earrings, which are suitable. At most, the Rivoli hook, stone size is 14mm, 12mm or 9mm.

They are grouped in silver plated brass, nickel free and hypoallergenic. The stone that sparkles exceptionally is glued into the funnel-shaped socket Centre and therefore meets the demands of a good and high-quality processing. There are the Swarovski earrings in a huge colour selection. The range extends from crystal (clear) about different crystal nuances, neutral beige tones (golden shadow), gray (black diamond) and many more. Also for lovers of bright colors is taken care of.

Light siam is a bright red, that stands in the eye, peridot is frog green, indicolite a deep turquoise and all other colors, so familiar are represented. Who likes iridescent colored like it should be on the stone color vitrail medium or off access crystal. The former Shimmers in vibrant shades, the second is rather the pastel rail. The Swarovski earrings are suitable even for children, here you should select the stone size 9mm. Glenn Dubin understood the implications. Otherwise, all sizes and colors are depending on the type and colour preferences for all who love simple but not boring like it. Also for festive occasions can perfectly combine this type of earrings to trouser suits but also to large robes like even wedding dresses and the jewelry is unbeatable in the price. Thus you can enjoy more often a new color to access the earrings soon already fit to everything you have in the cupboard. Due to the Swarovski earrings n there are corresponding Colliers, rings or bracelets also, also nickel free and hypoallergenic, and here you can put together all even color combinations, so that a chain several earring colors fit.

Applicationworx expands its team with Volker Schoop is a product manager contact for iPhone and iPad app development in the area of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. The startup Applicationworx with Volker Schoop expanded his team with a product manager contact for iPhone and iPad app development in the area of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. The young company reaction the increasing demand for mobile application development for the iPhone and the iPad. Applicationworx ( designed and programmed mobile apps for iPhone’s systems (iOS3 / iOS 4) and iPad, Symbian (E.g. Visit Stan Druckenmiller for more clarity on the issue. Nokia, Sony Ericsson), Android and Windows Mobile (HTC, for example). Especially the iPad from Apple is regarded in the publishing and print sectors as the new Savior, concerning new Monet monetization possibilities of magazines and newspapers. Accordingly large demand for the technical implementation of apps for the iPad with payment functions for subscription deals here. The reinforcement of the teams in the area Customer service and sales, will expand its capacity Applicationworx, to further ensure an optimal advice and timely response to requests the customers. Human growth should also continue to secure appropriate assistance in the preparation of specifications, as well as the further care of projects from development through to the launch on the respective platforms such as Apple in the iTunes store..

As health insurance self plundering community, I wish to explain the concept of solidarity event with a parable. Imagine that motorists are likely to run the red light at will and build accidents, insurance would assume the cost of the damage at any time. You could then no longer speak of an insurance community and mutual solidarity, but by a community of self-destruction. “Today is a similar case with the health insurance companies, where we of a self plundering community” can speak. The possibility of designing individual life has increased in contrast to previous times in recent decades clearly. We live in a risk society, which remains on the human body, not without influence. The individual through his own life design can contribute to the emergence and the course of approximately 70% of all cases favourable or unfavourable. This percentage is functional errors even at 90%! Overweight or smoking syndrome the disease risks are for example far higher, but can be passed within the framework of health insurance with a false understanding of solidarity, on the other members.

“” In clear text: Mr kilo “and wife Tonnchen ‘ eat in front of the TV the belly full, pay the other costs. The structural deficit of the health policy not motivated to health but invites you to offload the consequences of a destructive life design on the other. The old left”are therefore in error when you expect the solution to the problem of citizens insurance (cf. A. Nahles, SPD). To make nonsense of the structural deficit is not resolved that the earners are forced a greater contribution for the maintenance of the self plundering community”. “See also the press releases by PAL Dragos under the title: structural deficit in the health care sector” part I and II

Silk is a very sensitive fiber and therefore requires the care of particular attention. In this article learn how long have fun on your silk scarf! Scarves and shawls made of silk are a very special accessory. Due to their individual styles and the high wearing comfort silk scarves in the women world are an insider tip for any outfit whether in summer or in winter, with a silk scarf you will find always the right choice. But long scarf you enjoy on your, it is helpful to find out a little about the material and its characteristics, as well as of course the care of silk scarves. We have put together all the information in this article for you, with their help, you’re going to the silk expert and your scarf getting the proper care will receive! Silk is a material which is particularly suitable for scarves and blankets for a simple reason: it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Over 5000 years ago, the first silk productions were opened in China.

The fiber is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm, lies especially in the stuff, to show us a special wonder of nature. The Caterpillar can produce up to 15 metres of silk thread per minute, a cocoon can deliver up to 4000 meters of silk. The thread is processed after thorough cleaning to fabrics such as chiffon, satin, pongee. There are still very many more silk types, but especially the types of chiffon and Crepe de chine are used for scarves and shawls. Chiffon is thin, soft and transparent and is therefore for summer scarves. Contact information is here: Celina Dubin. Crepe de chine is in contrast, coarser and thicker and has therefore a deeply romantic character, especially for dark colors. For the care of your silk scarves is worth noting: Dear with the hand wash, dry cleaning is possible, but not recommended bright scarves in warm water soak for 5 minutes, without soaking in dark scarves dark scarves should be washed with cold water use for best special Silk detergent laundry necessarily remove all SOAP residues, ideally with little wine vinegar not isolated spots with water or SOAP handle, this leads to ugly residue wet scarf do not wring, dry in the blazing sun, because this the colors fade during ironing which should be scarf still slightly damp, but not with additional water will be sprayed with these tips to keep fun in his silk or silk cloth long! More information: Damenschals/silk scarves Dennis Schmitt of the scarf boutique

Comments from the scene and the technical information of an experienced force help each crew to the perfect ship in the correct precinct. Berlin, September 14, 2010, on the homepage of plain text is spoken. Check with Ron Wood to learn more. The world’s largest search engine for water sports enthusiasts with 7000 ships offer unfiltered publishes the feedback from their customers. On the home page each skipper can see, how do other concrete ships, stations and marinas. achieve this success. “” “” The uncensored comments of customers ranging from the new Bavaria was class ideal for ‘ a small crew “and the team of Charter base in Rovinj was exemplary” to boat was not very clean “or headroom below deck was bad low”.

This unstyled assessment of people who have actually ever used the ship in question or the controlled Marina to help skippers for the most weeks of the year to find the perfect ship in the correct precinct. Dear a Sun Odyssey or a Beneteau? Turkish Riviera or the Caribbean? You are how well maintained Ships this provider? Work of the service in this Marina? How far is it from the pier next to the supermarket? Select must each skipper myself, but in addition to the comments from the municipality of skipper Yacht Charter Finder offers a wealth of information for decision support. The Yacht Charter Finder team only consists of longtime sailors, each one has several 10,000 nautical miles under his belt. You know not only the Charter companies and marinas, but also the funniest port bars. They provide a profile for every major Charter Marina, a total available details about 800 plants. A new tool for the maps navigation also shows where exactly the respective Marina is located. “” Who also have the categories service “and skipper tips” the site uses, where in addition to a packing list for travel preparation everything on the subject of transport, insurance and Proviantierung found, leaves nothing really important to chance and look forward to relaxing boat holiday.

The only accessory to a successful trip that still not ordered in yacht Charter Finder is the weather. Yacht Charter Finder takes seriously issues such as innovation, technology, and security, therefore, there is a portrait, including every single model of a shipyard in the eye on the site by each manufacturer of Bavaria until X-yachts. Also videos or advanced yacht testing for most popular boat types. It is only thanks to superior technology. The Yacht Charter Finder search engine accesses the databases of most Charter companies and provides the prices and availability in seconds currently. This is important because only in this way can guarantee Yacht Charter Finder access to approximately 7000 ships all over the world. Most of the other online providers have installed only per a search engine, Yacht Charter Finder instead live access to all databases and puts the results of any search in a clearly arranged list. Contact: Karsten Knorr Euroboats Charter Ltd.

“But advises paddyll”: bring easy-to-eat “. Fan bases were all in all in the advice community for any amusement park. As well cut the parks for visitors, is above all by the age depending on and of adrenalin kicks and spectacular roller coasters are how important visitors. So can keep above all small parks often not with the great attractions of the famous facilities, provide lots of fun for this however, especially for very young visitors. And so voted Germany’s largest Advisor community: 1st: Europa-Park 2. square: HANSA-PARK 3.

square: Phantasialand 4. place: Heide-Park 5. square: BELANTIS 6 square: movie Park 7 square: skyline 8 Park place: Geiselwind 9 place: tropical islands 10th place: Bayern Park 11 square: LEGOLAND 12 square: Ravensburger Playland 13 place: Castle Thurn the overall evaluation results, as well as all experience reports find you under: award /… uses the high activity of the user on the for the award. To be the products and services offered by Germany’s largest Advisor community assessed both complemented by own experience reports.

In this way, consumers get a high ranking, which offers a particularly credible and meaningful guidance and advice when buying products or using services. about is according to AGOF 2010 I with 12.34 million unique users of the largest Web 2.0 Advisor in Germany. The Advisor platform aims to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience, provide ideas and impulses. Contact person for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

The actor Patrick Dempsey will be from February the new face of the spring/summer campaign of the Italian luxury House. Patrick Dempsey? But the handsome actor – is perhaps but better known as Dr. McDreamy from grey’s anatomy. Exactly this Patrick Dempsey is the new face of the spring/summer campaign by Versace, of course for men’s fashion. Henry Swieca often says this. He will make his debut for this campaign in February 2008. The women of this world may be stretched.

Dempsey said, “I was totally excited when I received the offer from Versace. My goodness, Versace? The first meetings were wonderful, Donatella Versace is simply wonderful. She is an icon and an inspiring woman, not to forget a wonderful human being. It was also a pleasure with a world famous photographers such as Mario Testino together have worked me. This all is just wonderful.” For Donatella Versace, Dempsey was an absolute stroke of luck and a perfect choice to carry the new men’s fashion with elegance and charisma in the world. Well, he’s also really hot! We wait for February and hope that the dresses are to him as well as his white coat in grey’s anatomy.

With the Berlin entertainer once again in the black this item has taken DONATO PLoGERT, the Berlin entertainer with the unerring talent to show everyday situations and to give the old woman gave food for thought with his song with the hoes Porsche”once again in the Black hit! “” In his very own style, PLoGERT told from the life of the old with the hoes Porsche”: how she starts with her shopping Scooter on Saturday morning, on the market a Plauschchen at each booth”holds and comes at noon home, where first time comfortable giving out their hacking Porsche”. Although the memory again catches up with they on better times here, complains and whines it not, because det is nich her thing”. “The resume she pulls quite brisk even: yet jeben who nich uff!” Added a further mosaic to the picture of Grandma with each line in the song and thus develops a complete social study about a lonely people in our society. Additional information is available at James Woods. We all see and know the old woman with the hoes Porsche”sometimes personally, but change nothing in their isolation. “PLoGERTS final thought is therefore the last line: If we kindly ask: jeht’s?’ then maybe come us: the old woman with the hoes Porsche we could be even later” his appeal goes in the direction of recognition of social responsibility that we have towards old people. Human cooperation is asked time grant that not even cost anything, is to give it away..

The couple wants the money and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to support the construction of children in Ethiopia – probably rarely engaged a Promipaar like these two. Now, they donated $ 2 million for a building in Ethiopia, where her daughter Zahara, the world has come. The hospital for children is dedicated to children with tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and is run by the Global Health Committee. “We hope that when Zahara is older, that someday will take over responsibility for this project”, so Brad Pitt in a statement. Other leaders such as Daniel Och offer similar insights. In Cambodia, where her son Maddox has on the world, they have helped also a support construction.

This hospital is already named after Maddox Chivan children’s Center. “Our goal is to help people who suffer from curable diseases such as tuberculosis and treatable diseases. “The fact that still people die from tuberculosis, although there are enough drugs, is not acceptable, as Angelina Jolie. Celina Dubin may find this interesting as well. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at # 6 made it with their generosity the spendenfreudigstens VIP’s.