This has led to lost interest, love and respect towards those who founded our country. We wanted to know if Beatriz loves the world of literature and if it would be released to dabble in other genres that were not historical, and of course also was also of know our interest, how he felt the author with the team of voices of today, during the process of edition of his book. I tell you that in fact my training to write did writing the results of historical research, so I started, but life is putting other options ahead. When I was away from my teaching and research work, I started to write some articles of topics and social issues, this is a field that has interested me always, these works managed to publish them beyond in some magazines and parish bulletins that exist in the Diocese of Holguin in Cuba. Others have been posted here, these are the topics that most interested me believe that it would continue along this path, but do not rule out the possibility of one day write things of the soul, but it would always have a real of base, as it could be to develop something small that have saved and I devoted myself to my grandparents. Also I really like reading poetry, but I confess that I have never been able to write a verse.

I definitely think that he would prefer to continue with the genres of narrative. If I liked work which developed editorial voices of today, I believe that it has been professional and was very easy to agree on the things where we do not agree. I would like to continue to grow in their commitment and they will continue to be a facilitator vehicle of dreams, for those who like me, we arrived a little late and with too few resources to this country. For all this I am very thankful. We are the grateful.

For the Editorial voices of today, it has been a real pleasure and privilege have your talent in our catalog of authors. Our doors continue to open to your literary concerns and our hands of sincere friends will support you forever. Pedro Pablo Perez Santiesteban Editorial voices of today. original author and source of the article.